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"State Farm "Bol'shoye Mozheikovo" Communal Agricultural Unitary Enterprise (Grodno Oblast)
“Bolshoe Mozheikovo” CSEA "State Farm is the main manufacturer of medical herbs in Belarus: nearly 80% of total national production is accounted for the enterprise.
Open Joint Stock Company "Lida Plant of Electrical products" (Grodno Oblast)
Open Joint Stock Company "Lida Plant of Electrical products" is the largest industrial enterprise of the Republic of Belarus, which produces lighting products in a wide range.
B&B Kali Laska (Grodno Oblast)
Living in the farm, country tourism, B&B
" FIRMA MOKA" agricultural trade and production company with limited liability Grodno (Grodno Oblast)
Beginning of activities since 1989.
Main activities:
- purchases of wild and agricultural production. -purchases of grape snails.
- agriculture.
- production of IQF products and grape snails.
- wholesale and retail trade.
- public catering.
- lease of premises.
- international transportation of cargoes.
"Euro-Plast" Limited Liability company (Grodno Oblast)
Euro-Plast produce and delivery the plastic closures for capping PET-bottles (PSO 1810 28mm, Bericap 38mm, PSO 1881 28mm).Our company also produce and develop the plastic items for the medical application.
"Novogrudok Integrated Butter Factory" JSC (Grodno Oblast)
Nowadays, “Novogrudok Integrated Butter Factory” JSC is one of the leading manufacturers of dairy products in the Grodno Oblast. Our production capacities enable to process up to 560 tonnes of milk per day. The enterprise’s product range includes over 80 headings of dairy products. Since 2006 all the products have been manufactured under the registered brand “Novogrudskie Dary” (the Novogrudok gifts)

The products of “Novogrudok Integrated Butter Factory” JSC are well-known both in Belarus and abroad. For the recent years, large consignments of milk powder, casein and dairy butter were delivered to the Russian Federation, Germany, the Baltic States ...
"Ostrovets Agricultural Engineering" a branch establishment of Grodno unitary enterprise "Regional Agricultural Engineering" (Grodno Oblast)
Freight transport by road
"SvislochRemStroi" public corporation (Grodno Oblast)
BelLogatex LTD (Grodno Oblast)
BelLogatex LTD renders a full complex of transport and logistic services in delivery of all types of freights by road, railway, sea and air transport from any point of the world, including services in warehousing, customs registration, insurance, customs surety and full maintenance of freights. We work with all types of freights: dangerous (including ones with radioactive materials - ADR-7), refrigerator, complete, modular, oversized, heavy, container.

There are a lot of European and Russian enterprises among our clients. The company is able to accomplish any demand reliably in the shortest terms due to our cooperation with custom agents and terminals ...
Branch Khimvolokno Plant Joint Stock Company Grodno Azot (Grodno Oblast)
Branch Khimvolokno JSC Grodno Azot is a large producer of nylon yarns and fibres as well as polyamide-6 (PA-6) virgin and PA-6 based composite materials.
Wide range of main types of products is produced with different physical and mechanical properties and quality indices depending on their area of application
Building Materials Combine of Grodno, Public Corporation (Grodno Oblast)
Manufacture and realisation of building materials
Closed joint stock company "Beleurotara" (Grodno Oblast)
The enterprise spezializes on manufacturing bottles of the semi-white glass for alcoholic beverage products. Over the period of 14 years` work there has been ma mastered the produktion of 50 varietes of bottles. Among them 25 kinds are the exclusive bottles being produced for the certain customer. Production volume is 45 million pieces per year (conditionally 0,5 liter bottles). Number of the workers is 88 persons.
Closed joint stock company SZAO “LIPLAST-SPb” (Grodno Oblast)
A joint Belarusian-Russian Closed joint stock company SZAO “LIPLAST-SPb” is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive-tractor machinery in Belarus.

The enterprise specializes in production of parts, assemblies and components made from glass-reinforced plastics (fiberglass), sheet polymer materials and foamed polyurethane. The product range numbers over 500 headings.

The enterprise supplies high-grade and reliable materials to assembly lines of known worldwide local automotive and agricultural machinery manufacturers such as P/A "Minsk Tractor Works", JSC “Minsk Automobile Plant”, Production Association “Gomselmash” , Joint Stock ...
Communal Agriculture Unitary Enterprise «Plemzavod Korelichy» (Grodno Oblast)
production of large horned live-stock
Communal unitary enterprise «Smorgon foundry-mechanical plant” (Grodno Oblast)
More than 60 years make and realises foundry production on internal and foreign market Communal unitary enterprise «Smorgon foundry-mechanical plant”. The Principal view of activity КУП «СЛМЗ» is manufacture of pig-iron moulding of building appointment and its realisation. Factory production - metal-consuming case moulding - hatches sewer, hatches for cable wells of a telephone system L type, S, Т; Street water in assortment, oven moulding, lattices for cattle-breeding complexes, etc.

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