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Open Joint Stock Company «Borisov Sleeper works»

Number of employees: 100+
The history of the plant is inseparably connected with the history of railway development in the territory of Belarus. Belarusian Railways started commissioning on 15 December 1862 (old style) the St. Petersburg-Warsaw railway. At the same time starts the construction of the Moscow-Brest railway through the city of Smolensk, Orsha, Borisov, Minsk. In 1871, 5 km South-East of Borisov, which at that time was located only on the left Bank of the Berezina, built the railway station "Borisov", and 16 (28) November it passed through the first passenger train in the direction of Minsk. So after Borisov began regular rail traffic. For the construction of Railways required a large number of sleepers. For the device sleeper impregnation plant and water for him at the station Borisov Moscow-Brest railway was necessary to take the land from its facilities in the amount of four thousand seven hundred forty square yards, of the possession of the nobleman

Goods Services
Preservative (pressure impregnation) of wood products: Board edging, pillars, logs and stakes, debarked, etc.