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Number of employees: 100+
Minskintercaps launched its production activities in 1995 as Belarusian-American Joint Venture. In 2011 Joint Venture was transformed in state-owned enterprise. Minskintercaps pharmaceutical enterprise becomes the leader of the sector within a short period of time. Today the product range of drugs is over 70 positions. Product range: vitamins, vitamin and mineral complexes, cardio-vascular agents, nootropic and antiallergic remedies, anti-fl u and anti-oral viral respiratory infections, gastrointestinal drugs, and also medicines from standardized crude drugs. The most known brands of the Company are Essencicaps, Chondrosamine, Pyracezin, AnGriMax. Antioxicaps, and Ursocaps. The manufacturing process of medicines in Soft and Hard gelatin Capsules, of empty Hard Gelatin Capsules complies with the requirements of TKP 030 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) developed and implemented by Minskintercaps U.V.

Drug of antibacterial, antiprotozoal and antifungal action for intravaginal administration.