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Joint Stock Company «Slonim Worsted and Spinning Factory»

Number of employees: 100+
JSC «Slonim Worsted and Spinning Factory» (Republic of Belarus) offers a yarn for knitted and weaving industry different color scale. Technical capabilities of the entity allow to issue a combed yarn with a range of linear density № 52-12 (19-83 tex) , for single yarn № 26-6 (38-166 tex), for a twisted yarn with various structure of components of mix fibers, semi-worsted yarn with the range of linear density № 15-3 (65-300 tex) . We use a woolen fiber, acrylic, polyester fiber and other fiber from the among resolved by Ministry of Health of Republic of Belarus for these purposes. The factory produces the fixed yarn. The production technology of the fixed yarn is included in the Register of high-tech productions and the enterprises of Republic of Belarus (slip number № 169-ПРЕ 04.11.2008г.) The main range of the made yarn: - combed yarn, semi-woolen and woolen yarn; - yarn from chemical fibers and their components with natural fibers . - fixed yarn (100%), acrylic ( 100% ) - the semi-woolen fixed yarn.

Blended fixed yarn from chemical and natural fibers for knitting production.
Semi-wool yarn