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Joint-Stock Company «MOGELIT»

Number of employees: 100+
Annual Turnover: 5000000 USD
Has Halal Certificate: Kazakhstan
JSC «MOGELIT» – is one of the largest and best-known producers of gelatin on the CIS territory and exclusive in the Eurasian Economic Union. Today the company specializes in producing different types of gelatin, functional beef protein "BELPRO" and feeding phosphate. These products are well-known not only to the Belarusian, but also to the Russian consumer, it is also exported to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, the CIS and the European Union. Our clients benefit from the unchanging and invariably high quality of our products. We can deliver the goods by all modes of transport to different regions of Belarus, to the territory of EAEU, CIS and foreign countries. Stable success in business is achieved also by aspiration of the enterprise to follow the belief and values in work with partners and clients. Honesty and reliability, constancy and efficiency – these are the values that are most important for us. Our clients and suppliers are our partners. We communicate and work with them first and foremost for their benefit. Openness and readiness to help are the basic principles of our company.

Precipitated feeding phosphate (dicalcium phosphate) is basically a calcium phosphate disubstituted dihydrate (CaHPO4 • 2H2O). It’s a bulk odorless crystalline powder of white or light-gray color. Cal...
JSC «MOGELIT» produces food gelatin made of collagen containing soft raw beef in accordance with GOST 11293-2017 (marked: P-220, P-200, P-180, P-160, P-140).
Concentrate of connective tissue proteins «BELPRO» (functional beef protein) is an absolutely natural and useful product, not containing any additives, made from high quality beef raw materials.
Technical animal fat grade 3 is a viscous mass, brown in color, with a characteristic smell. It is applied in the light, chemical, perfumery and cosmetic industry.