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Manufacturing Republican Unitary Enterprise «Brestoblgaz»

Number of employees: 100+
Annual Turnover: 1000000000 USD
More than 57 years in the market of services! The main areas of the company: • operation of gas supply systems; • distribution of gaseous fuels; • installation, repair and maintenance of gas equipment; • production of agricultural products; • production of peat briquettes, fuel pellets; • sewing of overalls and bed linen; • sanatorium and health services (sanatorium «Nadzeya», natural boundary «Sosnovy Bor», Zhabinka district, Brest region); • services for the provision of rooms for temporary residence («Gorodok», the city of David-Gorodok, Stolin district, Brest region).

Goods Services
Qualitative characteristics of peat fuel briquettes brand BT-1: Dimensions: 40 x 70 x 180; Ash content: 8.5%; Humidity: 12.1%; Mass fraction of total sulfur: 0.234%; The lowest working heat of combust...
Manufacturing republican unitary enterprise "Brestoblgaz" invites you to stay in cozy rooms created just for you! On the balance sheet of our company in the city of David-Gorodok, Brest region, there ...