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MASSIV-DREV Limited Liability Company

Number of employees: 100+
LLC "MASSIV-DREV" produces rounded wood and finished wood products for the garden, kitchen garden, summer cottage, landscape design, garden decor. Order and buy gazebos, playgrounds, benches, etc. You can call our managers at the numbers indicated on the site. To extend the life of the finished product, woodworking includes the process of drying in drying chambers and deep impregnation of wood in industrial conditions using the “vacuum-pressure-vacuum” method. The MASSIV-DREV company has been working in the woodworking and forestry industry since 2000 and is valued on the world market due to considerable experience. During this time of active work, we have established strong trade relations with partners both near and far abroad. We export wood products to Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc. The professionalism of our employees and their responsible attitude to business are the factors that allow us to maintain beneficial relationships with our foreign partners.

Dimensions 415x415 cm, height 325 cm.
Diameters 5-20 cm., length 50-600 cm.