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Educational Institution «Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel»

Number of employees: 100+
The University is one of the leading technical education institutions in the Republic of Belarus and it provides training for the graduation of engineering personnel and higher scientific qualification personnel for such branches of industry as mechanical engineering, metallurgy, power engineering, economy, radio electronic engineering and information technologies. In accordance with special permit (license) to provide educational activity issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus the University provides instruction in 21 specialities of the first level of higher education (for a Diploma of Higher Education), in 8 specialities of the second level of higher education ( for a Master’s Degree), in 9 specialities for a Ph.D. and Doctor’s Degrees, 18 specialities for retraining people with higher education and also pre-University training for students of high and high specialized education institutions.

Execution of works in the field of consumption and saving of energy resources.