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Join Stock Company "Pinsk wine-making factory"

Number of employees: 100+
Belarus, 225766, Brest area, set. Sadovyy, 2, Sovetskaya str.
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High-quality alcohol to your table from the Republic of Belarus. Various distillates, grain vodka and a large selection of spirits - this will interest the supplier of alcoholic beverages. JSC "Pinsk Winery" was the first in Belarus to introduce a unique innovative project for the production of fruit and berry distillates and products based on them, such as Belarusian ordinary calvados, fruit vodka, fruit brandy, which are produced by distilling fruits and berries growing in our country (apples , grapes, cranberries, etc.). ADVANTAGES OF COOPERATION WITH THE ENTERPRISE * Own raw material base, including the first vineyard in the Republic of Belarus, allows you to save on the purchase of raw materials; * A wide range of products allows you to expand your assortment portfolio; * The presence of a powerful processing base (more than 200 tons of fruits and berry raw materials per day) allows you to get the required amount of goods; * Large capacity of the tank farm (about 1 million decaliters) allows you to complete the work on time; * Highly qualified and experienced staff guarantees you the release of quality goods. JSC "Pinsk wine-making plant" was founded in 1940 - and this is a long-term tradition of wine processing. The capacity of the distillation unit is 600 - 1200 dal of anhydrous alcohol per day. The company has a special permit (license) No. 33540/131 for the right to carry out activities related to the production of alcoholic, non-food alcohol-containing products, non-food ethyl alcohol and tobacco products (based on the Order of the State Standard No. 239 dated December 28, 2004 with amendments and additions based on Order of Gosstandart No. 66 dated May 10, 2017). Contact us for a sample Purchase Agreement or to book a shipment date. e-mail: info@calvados.by sale@calvados.by

Fruit and berry wines fortified strong in assortment in various packaging 0.5 l, 0.7 l, 1.0 l PET, 1 l PUR-PAK