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Production Unitary Enterprise "Polotsk Drinks and Concentrates"

Number of employees: 100+
Belarus, 211413, Vitebsk region, Polotsk, Proletarskaya 8
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Trade offices



Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Target Markets

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan
The history of the enterprise begins in 1972 and its products are popular in Belarus, Ukraine, the Russian Federation. Polotsk drinks and concentrates - a company producing beer, mineral water, kvass wort concentrate, malt and grain extracts. Our factory is the only one in Belarus that uses the classic technology of bottom fermentation with separate main fermentation and fermentation in camp tanks. The assortment line of the enterprise includes: - 7 sorts of light and 1 sort of dark beer, which is bottled in PET 1.0l, 1.5l, 2.0l and KEGs 30L and 50L; - 3 types of mineral water; - 4 malt-barley and 4 barley-malt extracts (dark and light, hopped and not hopped); - concentrate of kvass wort. The enterprise's products are known for their excellent quality and traditional production technology, which adheres to the use of only natural ingredients.