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Additional liability company AGROSEMPRODUCT

Number of employees: 6-30
Belarus, 220052, Minsk Region, Minsk, 37 Gurskogo str., office 4H
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Belarusian enterprise developing the following projects: 1. Extraction of minerals - low peat and sapropel. 2. Production: - sapropel feed additive for cows and pigs; - organo-mineral raw materials for the preparation of drilling fluids; - boron fertilizer "ADOB Bor". 3. Wholesale trade in products of our own production, fertilizers and plant protection products.

Natural and affordable source of macro- and microelements, humic and fulvic acids for farm animals.
One-component liquid fertilizer for foliar feeding "ADOB Bor".
Organo-mineral raw materials (OMS) intended for use in the composition of drilling fluids in the development of wells in oil and gas fields.