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Number of employees: 31-100
Leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality automated equipment for metering and mixing of polyurethane,silicon,epoxy,polyester,bonding compounds and other components for polymer production. More than 470 implemented projects for companies in Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan,including ship-building,aircraft-building,power engineering companies,specialized and related industries. COMPLEX APPROACH TO PROBLEM SOLVING research and engineering cooperation development and manufacturing of metering and molding equipment selection and delivery of necessary auxiliary equipment and materials advice on development of products manufacturing technological process service support COMPONENT SYSTEMS polyurethane silicone epoxyresins bonding compounds polyethers polyurea hybrid compounds acrilates UNIQUE MODEL RANGE OF EQUIPMENT: Metering machines; Bonding equipment; Elstomers metering stations; Coordinate manipulators; Sphere plastics metering stations; Sealants metering stations; Preparatory reactors; Automatic conveyor lines;