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ATO Solenoid Valves Inc

Number of employees: 6-30
Annual Turnover: 1000000 USD
USA, 91770, Califonia, Rosemead, 9357 E Valley Blvd
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ATO Solenoid Valve Inc is your source for all solenoid valves - large selectons, high quality, and low cost. We are delicated ourselves in the development of top quality products, intelligent concepts and highly efficient solutions for solenoid valves. We has a series of solenoid valves including 2W series, 2L series etc. he major solenoid valve body materials are stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and plastic. Solenoid valves are available in a range of sizes from 1/8" to 2 1/2". These valves are available in both Normally Open and Normally Closed positions. The ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Because of the advantages they offer in the way of safe and rapid switching, reliability, long service life, and compact design, atosolenoidvalves.com are very popular in a variety of industries. So, the solenoid valves are frequently applied in the residential, appliance, industrial, and commercial industries. The oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, water & wastewater, food & beverages, power generation, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and medical are some of the key industry verticals where solenoid valves are utilized.