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Private enterprise "EdVitMash"

Number of employees: 31-100
Annual Turnover: 1500000 BYN
Our firm has been making kids furniture, such as beds, dressers, cradles and etc., for 10 years now, and we can deifinitely say, that our experience in making goods for european customers under contracts for their own brands, distributing facilities, by their special drafts is quite positive. Also our company is interested in promoting our brand "BAMBINI" on the european market. We are always opened for new ideas, always glad to see new partners. Also, we can in any time provide you with additional information about us, our goods and our abilities. Today our company can claim, that our products are of their best quality, thanks to using qualitative raw materials, the best european woodworking equipment, exceptionally specific ecological varnish-and-paint materials. And, of course, all our products are approved by the strict system of quality. We make beds only from trimmed woods of alder of the first class. Alder is as solid as conifers, but its wood doesn't contain harmful resin compounds. Also, this kind of wood isn't afraid of any moisture, doesn't absorb smells and doesn't rot - this is what we call the standard of ecological compatibility. Wonderfully soft and light alder has a high viscosity, so it doesn't crack or cleave. Alder is good for colouring and perfect for polishing, which makes a look of the bed aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, safe for a baby.

Alder. Unedged and edged sawn timber.