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Minsk House-Building Plant

Number of employees: 100+
Annual Turnover: 20640000 USD
Belarus, 220015, Minsk, Minsk, Ponomarenko 43
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Target Markets

Russia, Belarus
Minsk Homebuilding Plant OJSC is constructing residential buildings using unique volumetric house-building technology. Products are delivered to construction sites not by separate elements, but by entire block rooms, which are manufactured by the enterprise itself. Due to the high degree of prefabrication of the block of rooms, the construction of facilities is carried out in the shortest possible time, which allows customers to quickly wrap up funds invested in construction. The construction period for a 9-story 108-apartment building is 6–6.5 months, and 144 for an apartment is 8 months. At the same time, the construction of residential buildings is carried out according to projects that take into account the customers' needs for floors (from 3-5 to 14 floors). Their purpose is small-family, social, improved planning and commercial. A structural feature of the block room is the presence of a hidden frame frame at its base, which allows the use of new planning solutions for apartments without large expenditures in industrial production for the re-equipment of molding equipment. The layout of apartments can be changed during operation without violating the bearing capacity of structures. In residential buildings designed on the basis of ZA-OPB block sections. There is a complete set of apartments from 1 to 4 rooms, with kitchens of 912 m2, bathrooms from 3.0 m2, living rooms of 12.14.18 m2, hallways and halls from 4.5 to 10 m2.With a slight re-equipment of molding equipment for the decoration of building facades, solutions of flooring can be applied. In order to improve the architectural appearance of the capital’s quarters under construction by MDK OJSC, from 2003 the plant begins construction of residential houses without a frameless frame system from products manufactured at existing facilities of its industrial production.The mastered frame system allows you to carry out the construction of residential buildings from 9 to 16 or more floors, to place on the floors built-in premises for various purposes with a floor height of up to 4.2 meters, to diversify the architectural solutions of the built-up territories. Apartments in these houses will have a floor height of 2.8 meters, as well as an easy-to-create free layout.Over the 33 years of operation, MDK OJSC has built more than 42,000 apartments (about 3 million m2) in the city of Minsk and the Minsk Region. Moreover, the company carries out the bulk of the work on its own, starting with the manufacture of products in industrial production, the full range of installation works in residential buildings, their decoration and filling, the construction of utility networks, access roads, landscaping, and ending with the commissioning and transfer of keys to the apartments.