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State forestry institution Postavy forestry

Number of employees: 100+
Belarus, 211875, Belarus, Postavy, Krasnoarmeiskaya
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Postavy forestry was organized in 1939 on the basis of state-owned private-owned forests of the neighboring state of Poland, which again became part of Western Belarus in September of the same year. it originally included four forestry: Polovskoe, Postavskoe, Lyntupskoe, Smychkovskoe. In 1946, the Polovskoye forestry was removed from the forestry and transferred to the Glubokoye forestry. As part of the remaining three forestries, the leshoz continued its activities until 1963. In the spring of 1963 the Polovskoe forestry was again returned to the Postavy forestry. Simultaneously with the Polovskoye forestry in the same year, the Voropaevskoye and Dunilovichskoye forestry areas of the Glubokoye forestry enterprise, 3.4 thousand hectares of the Germanovichsky forestry of the Disnensky forestry enterprise and 4.5 thousand hectares of forests taken over from agricultural enterprises were included in the forestry. A little later, in 1976, the Smychkovskoye forestry was renamed into Gruzdovskoye. It should be noted that over the next three decades (1963–1995) the structure of the leshoz did not change. Significant changes and transformations in the administrative and economic structure of the leshoz took place in 1996. In connection with the acceptance of lands of the forest fund of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus into the forestry, on the basis of forests received from the military department, as well as partially forests of the Postavy and Voropaevsky forestries, the Starodvorskoye forestry was organized. In June of the same year, in order to improve forest protection, streamline the territorial distribution of forest resources within the administrative regions, seven quarters of the Dunilovichsky forestry with an area of ​​387 hectares were transferred to the Parafyanovsky forestry of the Begoml forestry enterprise. In connection with the acceptance of vast areas of forest from agricultural enterprises, in 1999, on the basis of the former collective farm forests, as well as parts of the Lyntupsky, Gruzdovsky and Postavy forestries. the Kamayskoe forestry was formed, and on part of the forests of the Dunilovichsky forestry and the adopted forests - the Volkovskoe forestry. The first post-war forest inventory of the forest fund was carried out in 1952 by the Minsk Forest Inventory Expedition of the Belarusian Aerial Photo Forest Inventory Trust according to the 1st category of work accuracy. In this forest inventory, forest inventory was carried out using aerial photographs of the 1951 flight. For survey and geodetic works, instrumental survey of the circumferential boundaries, flatbed frames, with the subsequent overlay of tablets by coordinates, was completely completed. Subsequent forest management works were carried out by the same expedition in 1963 according to the I category of forest management on the territory of Postavy, Lyntupsky and Smychkovsky forestries on a total area of ​​23.7 thousand hectares. At the same time, the newly adopted 4.5 thousand hectares of state farm forests were also covered by forest inventory work. In the forest fund of the Polovskiy, Voropaevskiy and Dunilovichskiy lesnichestvos, in view of the forest inventory carried out on the territory in 1959, an audit was carried out with the introduction of the current changes that took place over four years on an area of ​​25.2 thousand hectares in the forest management materials and at the same time was carried out specifically for each I will highlight the age shift. Forest inventory in 1976 was carried out by the 2nd Minsk Forest Inventory Expedition in Ia (7.0 thousand hectares) and I (46.1 thousand hectares) with the accuracy of work. The forest management work was based on the 1964 forest management instruction. During this forest inventory tour, the quarter network was kept the same (1x1). Forest inventory works were carried out on an area of ​​42.7 thousand hectares using aerial photographs M 1: 10,000. The remaining 10.4 thousand hectares of the forest fund of the forestry were arranged without AFS, according to the cut-through taxation sighting devices. Plates were superimposed mainly on photographic plans using geodata of land management. In parallel with the forest inventory work, a forest pathological survey of forests was also carried out. Forest inventory in 1986 was carried out by the 3rd Minsk Forest Inventory Expedition on an area of ​​55591 hectares. In the total volume of forest inventory work, 8.0 thousand hectares were arranged for the Ia category, 47.6 thousand hectares for the I category. Forest management works were carried out in accordance with the requirements of the forest management instruction of 1964, using high quality spectrozonal images of the 1985 airplane on an area of ​​45.0 thousand hectares, and black and white AFS of 1981 and 1982 on an area of ​​9.6 thousand hectares. satisfactory quality. On the rest of the territory of 1.0 thousand hectares, full-scale forest inventory work was carried out without AFS materials using taxation sighting devices in combination with other running lines (roads, trails, power lines, telephone lines, etc.). The last forest inventory was carried out by the Gomel forestry expedition in 1996 throughout the entire territory of the forestry enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the forest management instructions in 1986 using spectrozonal APS on an area of ​​23.0 thousand hectares and black and white on an area of ​​37.5 thousand hectares. ha.