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Publiching Enterprise Mastatskaya litaratura

Number of employees: 6-30
Annual Turnover: 1100000 BYN
Belarus, 220004, Minskaya, Minsk, Pobeditelei
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The publishing house "Mastatskaya litaratura" was founded in 1972 on the basis of the editorial office of fiction and children's literature of the publishing house "Belarus". Today it is the leading Belarusian book company with a wide profile. The basis of the assortment of the publishing house is made up of fiction, popular science, educational literature, literature for children and youth. The publishing house "Mastatskaya Litaratura" pays great attention to the development of international literary ties and occupies a leading place in the Belarusian book market for publishing translated literature. Most of the published books are in Belarusian. The publishing house's products meet the highest requirements, both in content and in artistic design, as evidenced by the diplomas and awards that traditionally receive books "Mastatskay Litarature" at international and national competitions "The Art of the Book", as well as prestigious literary prizes, which are awarded many of our authors.