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Limited Liability Company "Sisteron"

Number of employees: 6-30
Belarus, 220036, Minsk region, Minsk, Клары Цеткин
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LLC "Sisteron" is engaged in the automation of production processes, as well as the modernization of technological processes and production of various profiles. We have ready-made solutions for automated process control systems (automated process control systems) for: - asphalt concrete plants; - concrete mixing units; - compound feed shops; -lines for the processing of raw materials and food products; warehouses. We also offer a wide range of services for writing software for industrial tasks: -development of software for control and visualization systems; - development of software for programmable logic controllers and weighing terminals; - development of software for accounting and quality control systems. - development of custom software. LLC "Sisteron" designs and manufactures a large list of technological and auxiliary equipment for storage, mixing, movement, weighing, dosing and accounting of materials in the technological processes of building and road materials, food industry, processing and storage of raw materials. Along with the developments we already have, which are presented on the site, we design and manufacture non-standard equipment adapted directly to the customer's technological process. Using the terms of reference or drawing it up together with you, we will carry out all the necessary calculations and select the optimal technological scheme and equipment specification, as well as develop a planning project. In our design office, we develop various technological equipment: • metal structures; • containers and bunkers; • screw and belt feeders; • scales and dispensers; • electrical power cabinets and automation cabinets. Commissioning is one of the most important stages of equipment installation. The subsequent correct operation of the equipment during the entire service life will depend on the correctness of the commissioning (commissioning or commissioning). We carry out installation, installation supervision and commissioning of all supplied equipment. If necessary, please contact our specialists for more detailed information.