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Joint Stock company Order of the Red Banner of Labor Institute Belgosproect "

Number of employees: 100+
Belarus, 220004, Minskaya, Minsk, проспект Победителей, 23, корп.1, к.404
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Russia, Belarus

Target Markets

Russia, Kazakhstan
Institute Belgosproekt OJSC can offer: Development of design documentation Development of pre-project documentation Counseling Development of interior design projects We develop project documentation for construction projects of 1-4 complexity classes for residential, administrative, public, industrial purposes, as well as landscaping facilities. The staff of the Institute employs specialists of all specialties to develop project documentation in its entirety, defined by technical regulatory legal acts — this is our advantage. In addition to many years of experience and high professional competence, the Institute’s specialists are distinguished by the ability to use the latest software systems in their work, including information modeling technologies (BIM-technologies), which eliminates collisions and automates the process of working out project documentation. Working with us, you can be sure of the invariable quality of project documentation, the relevance and innovation of technical solutions adopted, and the unconditional fulfillment of contractual terms. The most important stage in the implementation of the customer’s investment plan is the development of pre-project documentation. Based on such documentation, the customer decides on the feasibility and volume of investment. At the stage of pre-project documentation, basic design decisions are made, and the success of the implementation and further functioning of the building depends on their quality and validity. Based on experience, in-depth knowledge of the legislation and technical normative legal acts of the Republic of Belarus, understanding of business processes during the further functioning of buildings, the Institute carries out pre-project documentation at the highest possible level, while in addition to making optimal decisions on architecture and structures, we develop a business plan, allowing you to soberly assess the feasibility of investing. The Institute uses modern tools for building visualizations at a high level, which allows the customer to evaluate the architecture of the object planned for construction and make the most aesthetic and expressive architectural decisions. Due to the Institute’s impeccable reputation, foreign investors resort to our consulting services during the design and construction process, who implement investment projects in the Republic of Belarus, and it is in their interests to ensure the adoption of the most rational technical solutions to optimize costs. The Institute provides high-level support for facilities at the stage of their design and construction, guaranteeing compliance with technical regulatory legal acts and the optimality of design decisions. Undoubtedly, the high level of professional competence of our specialists, knowledge of world trends and innovations, allows the Institute to conduct an examination of designs and products with the issuance of an appropriate conclusion on the advisability of using such elements, their modernity and relevance. The Institute is authorized by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus to develop special technical conditions in cases where the technical regulatory legal acts do not determine the procedure for making technical decisions. The special technical conditions developed by us allow us to ensure the design of unique and specific buildings on the territory of the Republic of Belarus with a high level of safety and, at the same time, rationally in terms of costs. The Institute combines tradition and quality, passed down from generation to generation, as well as youth, creativity and talent of our architects-designers. When developing interior design projects, we provide not only architectural and aesthetically expressive solutions, but also think over the technical side of the issue - the impact of design on the building structure, their compatibility and optimality. Work on design projects is carried out not only by architects, but also by designers, specialists in related specialties who jointly make technical decisions to find a balance between aesthetics and technical solutions.