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DST Technology Co.,Ltd

Number of employees: 6-30
Annual Turnover: 10000000 CNY
China, 410219, Aisa, CHANGSHA, Jia Yu West Court
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DST Technology Co.,Ltd is your global supplier of electronic components & Intelligent manufacturing, ODM, EMS ,Industrial Control Solution Provider, Since 2012 Icloud has been always a trustable & responsible independent supplier of customers among all global , DST offers a very wide range of components and Industry Solutions like IC ,Encoders, sensors,connectors, motors, transformers, wires & Cable ,Gears , Bearing ,homogenizer, high pressure pump, screw pump, gear pump, centrifugal pump, rotor pump, safety valve, steam valve, pressure reducing valve, CNC machining work . etc. Mechanical products serving various industries of domestic trade, involving iron and steel industry, textile industry, automobile industry, petroleum industry, electric power industry, science and technology industry.. We have strategic partners in Asia and,Europe, Americas that facilitate the solution of components and industry control worldwide. With our worldwide network of suppliers we provide products and solutions you need.