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Joint Stock Company "Baranovichi Poultry Factory"

Number of employees: 100+
Belarus, 225350, Brest region, Baranovichi, Rysino
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Target Markets

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Iraq
JSC "Baranovichi Poultry Factory" is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise that produces high-quality, competitive products, well-known not only in the markets of the Republic Belarus, but also in Russia. Baranovichi poultry is a state agricultural enterprise of the Republic of Belarus and is part of the organization of the Office under the President of the Republic of Belarus. The subject of activity of JSC "Baranovichi Poultry Factory" is the timely saturation of the Belarusian market with high-quality products of poultry, livestock, crop production, ensuring an effective economic activity of the enterprise and on this basis obtaining a constant increase in profits necessary to better meet the social and economic interests of members of the work collective and state interests. The products of the poultry farm appear on the shelves under the brand name Zlatko. They are well known in almost all regions of the republic and in the Russian Federation. JSC "Branovichi Poultry Factory" has equipment that is rare for Belarus, and often unique. This makes it possible to produce such a product that is in demand today in the food industry as a high-quality egg powder, characterized by increased solubility (over 92%). Due to its good ability to restore in the presence of water, egg powder is indispensable in the production of quality mayonnaise, because it gives it a classic taste and color, improves the texture of the finished product, ensures a high yield of the final product. It is also in demand in the manufacture of confectionery and bakery products, since it allows considerably (to 20%) to reduce the amount of input into the recipe of raw eggs, allows to abandon various thickeners and preservatives, improve the taste and aroma of products, and significantly save time resources. In addition, there is a tendency to slow down the process of hardening and increases softness, reducing the fat content in various cupcakes to 30%. Let out production of the Baranovichi poultry farm: - Egg chicken diet food and table top, selected, first, second category; - Liquid frozen egg products: • protein • melange - dry egg products: • Powder • yolk - production of poultry and cattle - growing of repair young animals - production of milk, grain, feed - industrial processing of agricultural products - company trade