Doing business in RSA

The Republic of South Africa, due to its multicultural diversity, is known as the country where representatives of the “rainbow nation” reside. South Africa is one of the world leaders in the stock market - here is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The country officially recognizes 11 languages, most of which are of local origin. English is the mainstream use for business communications.

The attractiveness of the Republic of South Africa for doing business and investing is in the following:

•    it is a democratic country with a disciplinary regime of fiscal activity, which promotes internal competitiveness, growth and employment, as well as expanding the boundaries of the economy;
•    The South African Reserve Bank and the Central Bank operate independently of the government. Their inflation targeting program has shown good results in stabilizing both interest and exchange rates;
•    a favorable investment policy is in place;
•    world-class infrastructure includes a modern transport network, complex telecommunications and excellent conditions for tourism;
•    the location on the southern tip of the continent provides easy access to 14 countries in southern Africa, with a combined market of about 250 million people;
•    trade relations are established with more than 200 countries and territories;
•    a competitive trading and investment banking system has been created.

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