Electronic transactions

Export.by Portal provides an opportunity to conclude contracts for the purchase of all the goods, services and technologies created by the registered companies in electronic format.

In order to start selling on Export.by Portal the user is required to follow several steps:

  • Register on the Portal;
  • Obtain an electronic digital signature and confirm it in the section «My Account»;
  • Install the software, necessary for operating the electronic digital signature on the Portal;

REGULATIONS for establishing and confirming personality of individual entrepreneur, authorized representative of a non-resident organization of the Republic of Belarus on the export support information Portal

An electronic digital signature is a must for both parties to conclude an online contract on Export.by Portal.




The module of «Electronic transactions»:


1. Users obtain an electronic digital signature
2. The buyer finds the necessary product in the catalogue
3. The buyer opens the product's card page 
4. The buyer fills out an application for the purchase of the product
5. The seller receives notification of the application
6. The seller works out the draft of the contract on the purchase
7. The seller signs it with electronic digital signature and sends it to the buyer
8. The buyer approves the contract and signs it
with electronic digital signature