Agro 2021

Ukraine, Kyiv
08.06.2021 - 11.06.2021

The 33rd International Agroindustrial Exhibition - Agro 2021 will take place from the 8th to the 11th June, 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Exhibition profile:

  • Specialized Exhibition of Machinery to Transport and Store Agricultural Products - Agro Transport and Logistics (mobile loaders; machinery for cargo transportation; containers; packing equipment and materials; laboratory and weight measuring equipment; software)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Country House Construction, Lanscapes, Eco Materials and Power-efficient Technologies  - Eco House ("Eco House" - housing construction and improvement; energy-efficient house; heating and water supply systems; stoves, barbecues and fireplaces; garden equipment and tools. work clothing; land plot development and landscape design, hard landscaping; saunas, swimming pools; recreation in a country house)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Complete Solutions for Small Farmers and Private Landowners - Modern Farming (small self-propelled machinery (mini tractors, sprayers, harvesters); motor blocks and attachments (mowing machines, sowers, etc.); cultivators and mowers; trailers; separators and butter churns; tools and garden tools (saws, chainsaws, axes, etc.); pumps, water filters, cleaning systems, sinks; generators and mini substations; plastic containers and product packaging, containers; cages for animals, drinking bowls, equipment for feeding; greenhouses and equipment for drip irrigation)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Innovations in Agricultural Constructions, Technologies and Materials - AGRO BUILD-EXPO (construction materials, structures, insulation systems; construction of objects for water treatment, water supply and draining; construction machinery, equipment, tools; ventilation and air conditioning. heaters and power generators; amelioration and hydraulic engineering; design, construction and reconstruction (elevators, hangars, transshipment complexes, structures for livestock and poultry, greenhouses and film tunnels, warehouses and other storage facilities for agricultural products); design, construction and reconstruction of production lines)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Growing Practices, Crop Protection and Agro Chemistry  - Plant Growing and Agricultural Chemistry (farming equipment for plant raising; agrochemistry; eco-friendly products and technologies; land reclamation, irrigation and wetting; research institutions for plant raising; subsistence farming; plant raising; greenhouses)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Organic Products and Technologies - Organic (production technologies for organic products; manufacturers of organic products; distribution networks for organic products, organic food enterprises; certified organic foods and drinks; organic baby food; organic seeds; eco-packaging; eco-fertilizers; eco-fodders; organic cosmetics and hygiene products)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Automation, Control, GPS and GIS Technologies - HiTech AGRO (GPS and GIS systems; automatic production in agribusiness; agro technologies using artificial intelligence and robotics; on-board and field computers; solar energy in agribusiness; intelligent sensors; intelligent agricultural monitoring system; mobile and stand-alone power plants; software for agriculture; precision farming systems and analytical forecasts; agricultural management systems in agribusiness; automatic irrigation systems)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Spare Parts - ExpoAgroTech (tractor; tillage machines; sowing machinery; machinery for fertilizer treatment; machinery and equipment for irrigation and drainage; machinery and equipment for harvesting, harvesters; equipment for harvest processing and storage; spare parts for machinery and equipment; labor saving tools; laboratory equipment, gauges; machinery and equipment for horticultural and cucurbits crops; lawn and gardening tools; repair services)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Alternate Energy Sources - Biofuel (biogas equipment and technologies; boilers and cogeneration plants; liquid biofuel - equipment and technologies; raw material for biofuel manufacturing; solid biofuel - equipment and technology)
  • Specialized Exhibition of Fish Farming and Fisheries - FishEXPO (equipment for industrial fish farming (automatic feeders, pools, incubators, fish farms, transportation means); fish feed; fish processing and storage equipment; equipment for fish pond maintenance (biofilters, measuring instruments, aeration equipment, fishery basin clearing means, pumps, ozone plants, oxygen generators, closed water supply plants); fish seed; fish farms)
  • National Exhibition of Horse Breeding and Equestrian Sport - EquiWorld 
  • Specialized Exhibition of Farm Animals, Veterinary and Related Goods for Livestock Breeding  - Animal'EX (construction/reconstruction of structures for livestock and poultry; veterinary; genetics; eco-friendly products and technologies; fodder industry; laboratory and measuring equipment; equipment for livestock and poultry management; poultry raising; sanitation and hygiene; livestock breeding; recycling)


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