Army 2017

Russia, Kubinka
22.08.2017 - 27.08.2017

The International Military-Technical Forum - Army 2017 will take place from the 22nd to the 27th August, 2017 in Kubinka (Mosocow Region), Russian Federation. 

Exhibition profile:

  • Armament and equipment of the Navy
  • Missile and space systems. Aerospace technologies. Space exploration for benefits of the Armed Forces
  • Armament and equipment of the Aerospace Forces
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Robotic systems
  • Small-arms and close combat weapons
  • Equipment and outfit of military men
  • Ammunition of all kinds and classes
  • Optics. Electro-optical equipment and systems
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Armament and tools of radiological, chemical and biological security
  • Means of individual and collective protection
  • Machinery and equipment of the Railroad Troops
  • Modernization and maintenance of military equipment and armament
  • Armament and equipment of the Land Forces
  • Accessories and technologies of the armament, military equipment and ammunition utilization
  • Facilities and equipment of engineering armament. Road, construction and weight lifting tools and devices
  • Armament and equipment of the Airborne Troops
  • Electronic warfare equipment. Facilities of radio intelligence
  • Information, telecommunication and navigation technologies. Geoinformation systems
  • Communications means/systems and automated control systems of troops
  • Electronics. Radioelectronic technologies
  • Personnel training for benefits of the Armed Forces and military-industrial complex
  • Complex laboratories, training equipment, simulators, technical equipment for military training of Armed Forces. Providing grounds equipment
  • Security assurance of military objects and military service
  • Facilities to ensure the activity of military police
  • Sports constructions and equipment
  • Logistic support of troops. Assurance of daily living activities of military personnel, military men and their families. Subsistence support
  • Rescue equipment for working in emergency and catastrophe situations, fire-fighting appliances and equipment
  • Armament and equipment of Strategic Missile Troops
  • Construction, complete overhaul, maintenance and operation of material and technical infrastructure
  • Nuclear weapons complex
  • Medical procurement of the Armed Forces
  • Instrument engineering
  • Power engineering. Smart energy system, hydrogen energy, microsources of power, accumulator technologies, electric generator technologies
  • Materials and components in defence industry
  • Laser technologies
  • Biotechnologies
  • Mass media
  • Engine building in military-industrial complex
  • Engineering industry for benefits of military-industrial complex

Organizer - ICE Ltd.

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