Dairy and Meat Industry 2019

Russia, Moscow
19.02.2019 - 22.02.2019

The 17th International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Livestock Farming, Dairy and Meat Production - Dairy and Meat Industry 2019 will take place from the 19th to the 22nd February, 2019 in Moscow, Russia.

Exhibition profile:

  • Milk & Dairy Production Technology & Equipment (whole and fermented milk production equipment & technologies, cheese, cottage cheese & curd production equipment & technologies, butter production equipment and technologies, whole milk powder, non-fat dry milk, milk replacers & milk concentrates production, ingredients, dairy packaging solutions, milk bottling solutions, solutions for milk acceptance, cleaning, cooling & storage, washing & disinfectant agents, quality assurance technology, automation machinery, milk tank vehicles, related services)
  • Meat Production Technology & Equipment (cattle slaughtering & primary processing equipment, meat cutting technologies, robotics & components, slaughter by-product processing machinery, production equipment & tech for semi-finished & fully-finished meat products, refrigeration equipment, heat treatment technologies, automation machinery, washing & disinfectant agents, quality assurance technology, ingredients, related services)
  • Animal Feed Production Technology & Equipment (seeds, plant protection products & equipment, forage cutting machines, forage conservation equipment, machinery & consumables for packing of feeds, tractors & combine harvesters, loading & unloading machines, transport equipment (trailers, semi-trailers, containers & tanks), light-duty milling plants, mobile feed milling plants, quality & safety equipment, fertilizers, fertilizer application machinery, machinery weighing equipment, used feed production machinery, related services)
  • Livestock Breeding & Management (equipment, tools & technology for animal care & management, feed distribution equipment, water treatment & watering systems, stall equipment, animal marking solutions, milking & cooling equipment, production process hygiene solutions, sanitation equipment, vehicles for livestock enterprises, livestock loaders, vehicles for livestock transportation, manure collection, storage, processing & disposal systems, waste processing equipment & technologies, microclimate management, energy saving & environmental protection machinery & technologies, materials & machinery for livestock housing, livestock housing design & construction services)
  • Feed Additives, Vitamins & Veterinary Equipment (concentrated feed, fodder concentrates, feed additives, vitamins & mineral premixes, veterinary preparations, tools, equipment & services)
  • Pedigree Stock (breeding stock (cattle, goats & sheep), genetic & breeding materials, tools & equipment for animal reproduction)

Organizer - ITE Group

Phone: +7 (499) 750 08 28
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