Enegra 2019

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
11.06.2019 - 13.06.2019

The 9th International Fair of Energy - Enegra 2019 will take place from the 11th to the 13th June, 2019 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Exhibition profile:

  • Electrical Energy (design and construction of energy facilities, equipment and devices for production and distribution of electrical energy, installation materials and equipment, protection and measurement devices)
  • Coal – Gas – Oil (equipment for exploitation, processing and transport of coal, equipment for geological exploration, equipment and systems of protection and safety in mines, products of oil derivatives – transport, storage and trade of oil and oil derivatives, production, transport, storage and distribution of natural gas)
  • Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass (photovoltaic systems, solar thermal technology / design, equipment, assembly, wind turbines, electrical, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic equipment and components / consulting, designing, assembly, wood biomass, briquettes, pellets, biodiesel, biogas, biohydrogen, briquette and pellets machines, bioreactors, boilers, turbines, gasification and incineration equipment)
  • Energy Efficiency (low energy houses / projects, materials / energy efficiency in industry, led lighting, lighting management systems)

Organizer - Tuzlanski sajam d.o.o.

Fax: +387 (35) 360 998
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