Expomed Eurasia 2019

Turkey, Istanbul
28.03.2019 - 30.03.2019

The International Istanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Laboratory Product, Device, System, Technology, Equipment and Hospitals Fair - Expomed Eurasia 2019 will take place from the 28t to the 30th March, 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Exhibition profile:

  • Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation (physiotherapy, rehabilitation and therapy products, devices and system, orthopedic devices, orthoses and prostheses, orthopedic implants and trauma products, corsets, splints, knee guards, neck collar, wristband and compression stockings, disabled vehicle systems, ramps and wheelchairs, disabled elevator systems and equipment, orthopedic shoes, slippers and crepes, robotic arms and robotic rehabilitation systems, walkers, foot healthcare products)
  • Consumables & Commodities (disposable supplies, adult and baby diapers, wet wipes, bonnets, masks and gloves, bandages and medical patches, sterile surgical cover sets, surgical garments, surgical sutures, sterile syringes & needles, serum sets, urine bags and blood transfusion sets, wound care kits and plasters, sterilization-disinfection and hygiene products, first aid supplies)
  • Electro Medical Equipment & Medical & Laboratory Technologies (monitors and imaging systems, nuclear imaging systems, high definition optical imaging and plasma technologies, intensive care units and equipment, newborn units and equipment, nebulizers and respiratory equipment, endoscopic and laparoscopic tools and systems, operation equipment, devices and operation room equipment, surgical instruments, emergency room products, devices and systems, dialysis machines, medical and diagnostic equipment, ophthalmic products, devices, systems, robotic technologies and automation, steam sterilizers and autoclaves, test, check-over and calibration service, biologic and chemical sterilization products and container systems, ventilators, ultrasonic and electronic cleaners, surgical motor systems, genetic research technologies, bio technology)
  • Hospital Build and Medical Facility Management (hospital construction and contracting, hospital beds and equipment, hospital and office furniture, waiting rooms, patient handling equipment, ambulances, examination chair, stretcher and equipment, medical gases and gas systems, drug transport vehicles, stainless steel hospital equipment, surgical instruments, morgue and anatomy equipment, hygienic wet area equipment, clean room systems, mobile technology solutions, integrated hospital information management systems, nurse call systems and patient units, data processing, software systems and blue code systems, hospital paging and communication systems, hospital systems for heating, cooling, lighting, air conditioning, environmental- protection, cleaning, security, waste and water treatment, hospital elevators and equipment, door systems for hospital and operating rooms, hospital and office construction systems and components, room separating systems, curtains and folding walls, laundry, ironing, kitchen and other hospital equipment, hot-cold food service equipment, uninterruptible power supplies and energy distribution systems, energy generation and management, oxygen tubes, medical components)
  • OTC (Over-The-Counter) (herbal supplements, OTC products on musculoskeletal system, dermatologic products, OTC products on respiratory system, OTC products & supplements on digestive system and metabolism, OTC products on nervous system, healthy living products)

Organizer - Reed Tuyap

Fax: +90 (212) 886 67 37
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