Iran Telecom 2019

Iran, Tehran
30.09.2019 - 03.10.2019

The 20th International Trade Show on Innovative CIT Solutions - Iran Telecom 2019 will take place from the 30th September to the 3rd October, 2019 in Tehran, Iran.

Exhibition profile:

  • Mobile Communications (mobile phone systems, mobile phone providers, satellite communications, equipment and accessories, trunked radio services, telematics and locators, mobile phones, radio installations, accessories, W-LAN, UMTS, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 5G/4G/3G/LTE, WI-FI, hot-spot, mobile apps)
  • Communication & Internet Services (DSL and ISDN providers, internet service providers, web hosting, wireless internet services, value added services, application service providers, application hosting services, digital rights management, services, telemetric systems, telephone central, fixed line providers, network equipment suppliers, sound, data, text and visual communication, computer - telephone integration, ISDN-DSL equipment, video conference systems, call centre systems, power-line communication, telecommunication end-user equipment, switching installations, VoIP (Voice IP communication))
  • Navigation (navigation software, navigation devices, GPS, location base services (LBS), GEO APPS)
  • Networks (internet services, storage area network (SAN), network security, network diagnosis and measurement tools, network calculation software, active and passive network components, modem, router, hub, switch)
  • Information Technology (desktop applications, mainframes/ servers, workstations, personal assistance, laptops, netbooks, accessories, connected devices, wearable devices)
  • Peripherals and Components (input and output peripherals, mice and keyboards, monitors, cases, coolers, sound cards, graphic cards, CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM, processors, motherboards, TV/ radio card)
  • Storage Systems and Equipment (internal and external storage, magnetic disk storage systems, magnetic-optic storage systems, optic storage systems, storage materials, storage management systems, ISCSI systems, blue-ray systems, HD-DVD systems, portable storage systems, data center)
  • Services (consultancy, corporate outsource management, system integration, IT services, e-health, e-government, call center systems, education, technical service, cloud computing) 
  • Card Technologies (magnetic bands, card readers, smart cards, RFID, card production equipment)
  • Office Automation - Equipment, Accessories (printers, photocopiers, faxes, scanners, multi- function printers, e-mail management, DTP/pre-print, shredders, accessories, barcode readers, cheque readers, office software)
  • System Software (open source, processing systems, database management systems, network management systems, applications development tools, web system solutions, grid computing, system management, middle ware, digital commerce and payment, digital marketing, mobile cloud)

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