South Korea, Cheonan
28.10.2020 - 31.10.2020

The Korea International Exhibition of Machinery, Equipment, Science and Technology for Agriculture - KIEMSTA 2020 will take place from the 28th to the 31st October, 2020 in Cheonan, South Korea. This show is held once every two years.

Exhibition profile:

  • Tillage, Land Preparation and Farming Machinery (tractor, cultivator, sprinkler, machinery for tillage, machinery for soil preparation, weeder, manure spreader, sprayer, farm working height, knotter, fruit-tree artificial cross-fertilize machine, microorganism incubator)
  • Transplanting, Seeding Machinery (rice transplanter, seeder, seed germinator, seed bad, seed carrier, bed soil machine, promote chamber of craft take)
  • Parts and others (parts tor farm machinery, drip-watering, watering materials, waste vinyl, pesticide, seeds /fertilizer/ feed, artificial farmyard manure)
  • Harvest, Farm Product Processor, Packing Machine Materials (combine, farm power carriage (vehicle), harvester (hypogeal crops, bean), grain dryer, sorter, washer, freshness extension machine, packing machine (flower, farm, products, processed goods), grain processing machine, agriculture processing machine)
  • Livestock Machinery (loader & baler, rap cover, feed mixer, hot water supplier, fertilizer applicator, device for expressing milk, taking and selecting egg machine, bulky feed product machine, high pressure washer, animal carcass processing,  exctreta disposal device, home artificial insemination apparatus, disease detecting device, livestock barn adjusted device)
  • Protected Agriculture Machinery and Materials (agricultural heater (chiller & heater), agricultural ventilator, power fog machine, controller of temperature and humidity, farm product binding machine (flower, vegetable), agricultural machine tor air circulation and dehumidity, agricultural air agitation machine, lonized supplier, agricultural pipe banding and forming machine, farm product binding machine (flower, vegetable))
  • Forest Machinery (solid wood processing machine, power trimmer, agriculture saw, oil pressure ax, brush wood chopper, pest control machine, afforesting planting device)

Organizer - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Phone: +82 (41) 411 21 32
Fax: +82 (41) 555 44 91
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