MILEX 2023

Belarus, Minsk
17.05.2023 - 20.05.2023

Event Participants

Alpha Air Agency Foreign LLC

The 11th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery - MILEX 2023 will take place from the 17rd to the 20th June, 2023 in Minsk, Belarus.

Exhibition profile:

  • Armored vehicles;
  • Missile, artillery and small-arms weapons;
  • Shot-range and mid-range air defense systems;
  • High-technology equipment and systems;
  • Ordnance and special chemical substances, launch-site measuring instrumentation and equipment;
  • Electro-optical equipment and systems;
  • Equipment and means for chemical and biological protection;
  • Technical means and support systems for troops;
  • Information systems and information protection system;
  • Transport vehicles: motor vehicles and tractor trucks;
  • Aviation and rocket and space systems, aerospace technologies;
  • Flight navigation instruments and automatic control systems;
  • Dual use equipment and technologies;
  • Road, constructive and load lifting means and equipment;
  • Updating and repairing of weaponry and military equipment;
  • Equipment and technologies for recycling of weaponry, military equipment and ordnance;
  • Ensuring of security of the perimeter;
  • Military higher education institutions and training centers;
  • Rescue equipment for work under the emergency conditions, fire-fighting equipment and fire-extinguishing means;
  • Military scientific research base;
  • Military medicine;
  • Equipment, uniform and special-purpose accessories;
  • Personal armored kits.

Organizer - RUE National exhibition center "BelExpo"

Phone: +375 (17) 237 71 18
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