Nano Korea 2021

South Korea, Goyang
07.07.2021 - 09.07.2021

The 19th International Nano Technology Exhibition - Nano Korea 2021 will take place from the 7th to the 9th July, 2021 in Goyang, South Korea.

Exhibition profile:

  • Nanomaterials - Nanopowders, bulk materials, composite materials and new materials made by applying nanotechnology
    • Raw nanomaterials (nanopowders, nanowires, nanosheet materials, nanoporous materials, carbon-based materials, metal-based materials, etc.)
    • Nano-processed materials (nano-dispersion solutions, nano-coating solutions, nano-inks, nano-textiles, etc.)
    • Composite nanomaterials (bulk nanocomposites, nanostructured materials, multilayered nanomaterials, etc.), nano-bio materials, photonic materials, etc.
  • Nanodevices - Semiconductor memories, chips and sensors made using nanotechnology
    • Semiconductor devices (memory devices, logic devices, optical devices) and sensors (physical sensors, chemical sensors, biometric sensors)
    • Devices for display panels (LCD, OLED, backplane, touchscreen) and energy devices (secondary cells, fuel cells, photovoltaic cells)
    • Biodevices (biosensors, DNA chips, labs-on-a-chip), etc.
  • Nanofabrication - Microfabrication, dispersion and manufacturing equipment to produce nanopowders
    • Nanomaterial manufacturing and dispersion equipment/components, nanopatterning equipment, nano thin film coating equipment, high-precision arrays (optical and electronic components), printed electronics (inkjet printing, lithography, nanoimprinting), etc.
  • Nano measurement and analysis - Nanoscale measurement and performance analysis technologies and equipment
    • Electron microscopes (SEM, TEM), scanning probe microscopes (AFM, SPM, STM), particle size analyzers, various performance analysis and test equipment and materials, measurement/analysis services, designs, simulation software, etc.
  • Nano convergence and applied products - Nanotechnology convergence products and technologies by industry field
    • Automobiles (ultra-light high-strength carbon composite structures, EMI shielding composites, antibacterial filters, heating films and seats for cars, batteries for electric cars, nanoporous silica tires, etc.), displays (flexible displays, touchscreens, nano coating materials, etc.), electronics (quantum dot LED, heating films for electronic products, EMI shielding films, etc.), shipbuilding (nanopaints for ships, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, structural frames for vessels, etc.) biotechnology (nanodiagnostic/therapeutic agents, nano-biomaterials, implants, diagnostic instruments, analyzers, medical supplies, etc.), agriculture and fishery (nanotechnology-based functional foods, feeds/fertilizers/pesticides, etc.), and household items (nanotechnology-based cosmetics, nanotechnology-based household items, etc.)
  • Others - Government-funded institutions, related institutions, research centers, universities, etc.

Organizer - Korean Society of Laser Processing (KSLP), Nano Technology Research Association (NTRA)

Phone: +82 (31) 548 20 13
Fax: +82 (31) 624 20 21
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