POGEE 2020

Pakistan, Lahore
01.04.2020 - 03.04.2020

The 18th International Exhibition for the Energy Industry - POGEE 2020 will take place from the 1st to the 3rd April, 2020 in Lahore, Pakistan.

The event incorporates the following sectors:

  1. Oil & Gas Pakistan
  • ​​Corrosion & Abrasion Control (abrasives, anti-corrosion, cathodic protection, corrosion monitoring & control, insulation, paints / coatings)
  • Drilling (bore hole logging, casing / tubing, coring services, downhole surveys, downhole tools, drill pipes, drilling - directional, drilling camps, drilling contractors, drilling equipment / products / services, drilling fluids, drilling turbo, hydraulic tools, mooring systems / additives, mud logging, non-destructive testing, oil well equipment / services, oilfield equipment & services, riser equipment, rock bits, rotary equipment)
  1. Power Technology Pakistan
  • Power Technology (ac drives, accumulators and adapters, actuators, adhesive and sealants, air cleaners, dryers & filters, air compressors, services & repairs, air conditioning, alarm systems & security equipment, alternators, ammeters, arresters, automation systems, batteries and battery chargers, boilers, cable fault locator, cable handling equipment, cable jointing & termination, cable laying equipment, cable testing equipment, cables, cables trays, enclosures & ducts, calibration instruments, capacitors, certification bodies & services, circuit breakers, clean coal technologies, coal gasification, cogeneration systems, combined cycle, combustion systems, combustion turbine, communication systems, CAD/CAM, conductors, connectors, construction & installation services, consultancy services, control systems, cooling towers, cooling water systems, current-converters / rectifiers, data management, dc generators, dc/ac converters, detectors, monitoring equipment and fault locators, diagnostic equipment, diesel engines, distribution boards, drives & controls, electrical control unit equipment, electrical wiring, electricity meters, electricity utilities, electronics, emergency equipment, emission controls, enclosures, energy efficiency & conservation, energy efficient lighting, energy management systems, energy storage systems, engineering & design, engineering, procurement & construction, environment protection & control system, explosion proof equipment, fasteners, fault locators, fiber optics, filters and filtration equipment, forgings, fuses & fuse gear, galvanizing products, gas compressors, gas engines, gas turbine, gear box, harmonic filters, heat exchangers, heat recovery systems, high-voltage isolators & links, HVDC conversion stations, HVDC transformers, hybrid systems, hydro power equipment, hydro pumps, hydro turbines, inspection equipment & services, instrumentation & controls, insulation equipment, insulators & bushing, insurance and other financial service providers, inverters, inverter generator, laboratory equipment, level detection & control, lighting – domestic / industrial, load management systems, low-voltage equipment, mechanical services, meters, micro turbines, motors, network control, nuclear reactors, paints & protective coatings, panel instruments, pipe / pipe fittings, plant operations & maintenance, pneumatics, power factors correction, power plants, power shortage, power supplies & monitoring, pumps, reactors, relays, repair & maintenance, research & development companies, ring main units, safety equipment, sensors, signaling equipment, sockets & plugs, steam generators, steam plant accessories, steam turbines, street lighting & poles, substations, switchgears & switches, switching panels & cabinets, systems engineering, operation & control, test & measurement equipment, trade bodies & associations, transducers, transformers (dry / oil), transmission & distribution, transmission equipment, transmission line fittings, transmission towers, uninterruptible power supplies (ups), used power plants, valves, voltage relays, water – hydrogen generation, water & waste water treatment, water desalination, watt meters, wiring & tube accessories)
  • Renewable Energy (biodiesel generation, biogas systems, biomass processors / plants fuel cells, geothermal energy systems, hybrid systems, photovoltaic cells, solar cookers, solar equipments, solar home system, solar lighting series, solar panels & systems, solar power systems, solar pumping system, solar thermal, solar water heaters, waste conditioning / waste to energy systems, wind energy equipment, wind turbines)
  • Coal & Coal Technology (boilers & burners, coal mining, coal processing & cleaning technology, compressors, control systems, conveyor & belt, cooling towers, dryers, exploration & drilling, geological survey, heater, lifting & handling technology, safety & rescue, testing & maintenance equipment, transformer, turbine, valves & pumps)

Organizer - Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd

Phone: +92 (21) 111 73 42 66
Fax: +92 (21) 32 41 07 23
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