Public Health 2021

Ukraine, Kyiv
06.10.2021 - 08.10.2021

The 30th International Medical Exhibition - Public Health 2021 will take place from the 6th to the 8th October, 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Exhibition profile:

  • Medica (diagnostic instruments and devices; X-ray equipment; computer tomographs; radiotherapy; electrical medical instruments and installations; endoscopic equipment and accessories; mechanical devices; therapeutic devices; orthopedics and rehabilitation; sports medicine; consumer goods and products for medical practice and hospitals; equipment for doctor’s offices, treatment facilities and hospitals; equipment for sanatoria and balnearies; designing and construction of clinics; IT technologies in medicine; medical tourism)
  • Laboratory (medical laboratory; laboratory machinery; laboratory equipment; laboratory medicine; newest testing technologies)
  • New Innovative Management in Medicine (modern hospital: management, security, usage of new technologies in hospital; innovation in medicine: diagnosis, treatment, scientific research and development)
  • New Medical Tourism (diagnostics (laboratory studies, full body diagnostics: ultrasonic, CT etc.); treatment at specialized clinics abroad and in Ukraine; rehabilitation, recovery, relaxation)
  • Pharma (pharmacology; drugs; homeopathy; phytotherapy; pharmaceutical substances and raw materials; biologically active and food supplements, natural products; children’s nutrition; goods for children and newborns; mineral waters: curative and table; furniture of pharmacies; information technologies in pharmaceutics)
  • Techpharm (equipment for drug preparation and manufacture; raw materials and ingredients; complex lines; laboratory equipment, quality control; packaging and packaging equipment; “clean premises”; “turnkey” projects; equipment for waste utilization, sewage and air purification; equipment to manufacture cosmetic products; logistics, warehouse, software)
  • Ophthalmology (equipment and apparatus for ophthalmologist’s consulting rooms; diagnostic equipment; laser ophthalmological equipment; surgical equipment & apparatus; correctional equipment; tools & spare parts; equipment for salesrooms; equipment for repair shops, spare parts for ophthalmological equipment and machines; machines for lenses manufacture; scanners; ocular lenses, sets of lenses and prisms; optics for correction, eye protection and research; contact lenses and care products for contact lenses; ocular prostheses; ophthalmic ointments, gels, eye drops, solutions, vitamins for eyes; software)
  • Emergency Medicine (resuscitation motor vehicles, ambulances; mobile laboratories; mobile medical posts, blood transfusion stations; mobile hospitals; protective means; transportation means; means of communication and announcement; overalls; individual protective means; urgent means to help sufferers)
  • Beauty and Health (equipment for sanatoria, balnearies, cosmetic clinics, SPA-parlors; medical and cosmetic clinics; new technologies for curative, instrumental cosmetology; curative cosmetics; esthetic medicine; services)
  • Stomatology (dental units; dental instruments; dental and X-ray equipment; implantation equipment and materials; autoclaves and sterilizers, anesthetic means; dental drugs; modern dental consumables; dental furniture)

Organizer - PREMIER EXPO

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