RenExpo / InterHydro 2022

Austria, Salzburg
03.03.2022 - 04.03.2022

The European Hydropower Trade Fair and Conference - RenExpo / InterHydro 2022 will take place from the 3rd to the 4th March, 2022 in Salzburg, Austria. 

Exhibition profile:

  • Planning & Execution of Construction (building inspection and construction, construction management, consulting, generating plants services, report, technical expert, commissioning, upgrading/revitalization/repowering, assembly/installation/deconstruction, project planning)
  • Water intake (fittings, seals and construction chemical, intake gates, sand trap, rake systems, hydraulic construction, weir system)
  • Water protection (greening, fish bypasses, recultivation)
  • Force water pipes (pipes, quick release, tunnels)
  • Power generation (generators, turbines/control devices/controller, turbine components and accessories, hydroelectric screws, waterwheels, water vortex power plant)
  • Measuring and control technology (alarm systems, control of operations, data collection and maintenance, flow measurement, test and recording instruments, pumps, accident prevention)
  • Power house (propulsion, servomotors, lighting, electric equipment, lifting equipment, hydraulic equipment, insulation, cranes, soundproofing, glazing, closing devices)
  • Safety devices (automatic shutdown, boats, personal security, saving appliances)
  • Types of power plants (tidal power plants, river power plants, ocean current power plants, small, mobile hydropower plants, pumped storage power plants, storage power plants, snowmaking reservoirs, drinking water plants, wave power plants, power classes)
  • Services (consulting and contracting, energy supply, trading, emissions trading, engineering, IT, software, financing, promotion, insurance, investments (green money), media and knowledge, legal & tax services, associations, institutions, organizations, networks and other groupings, research and development, economic development)

Organizer - Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH

Phone: +43 (662) 24 04 0
Fax: +43 (662) 24 04 20
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