ShieldAfrica 2023

Côte d`Ivoire, Abidjan
26.01.2023 - 28.01.2023

The International Security and Defense Exhibition - ShieldAfrica 2023 will take place from the 26th to the 28th January, 2023 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Exhibition profile:

  • Safety for states, cities and populations, safe city (security of persons, security of property, buildings and premises, access control, equipment for security forces and prevention, transport security (roads, railways, harbors, ports and airports), security of critical infrastructures and sensitive areas, development and securisation of communication and information systems, networks, cybersecurity, urban command, security of energy and fluids supplies, site remediation, urban warning, detection and surveillance, rapid intervention means, detection of hazardous materials, robotics, bank and fiduciary security)
  • Natural and industrial disasters prevention and control (weather watch, early warning and prevention, command post and crisis management, civil security equipment and devices, firefighting equipment, equipment for flood fighting, earthquakes recovery, operational logistics, supply, transport, camps and temporary facilities, service continuity, emergency and operational medicine, health equipment, water treatment)
  • Peacekeeping and confidence restoration (anti-terrorism means, equipment for armed forces, equipment for special forces, intelligence and jamming devices, threat detection, crowd control, simulation and training, security and air defense)
  • Border management, maritime and airports approaches (listening, observation, detection and monitoring, command posts and communications systems, networks, protection of critical infrastructures, means of rapid response, means of control of the maritime and coast approaches, specific airports security systems, systems of people identification, biometric system, tracking systems and mobile goods control associated means)
  • Services (non-governmental organizations for assistance to populations, private security services, technical assistance, transportation, handling, storage, professional organizations, chambers of commerce and industry, education and training, consulting, banks, finance, insurances, ministries and embassies, press and specialized media)

Organizer - COGES Africa

Phone: +225 (07) 07 95 07 90
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