SIB 2020

Morocco, Casablanca
25.11.2020 - 29.11.2020

The 18th International Building Trade Fair - SIB 2020 will take place from the 25th to the 29th November, 2020 in Casablanca, Morocco. The exhibition is held every two years.

Exhibition profile:

  • Structural Work (construction materials and concrete, chemical building products, building layout, water treatment and sewerage network, tightness and concrete building component, metal frame/wood frame, roof, cover, tiles, tools)
  • Joinery Work (wood and metallic joinery, work & PVC, sheathed and industrial doors, glass products, closure, waterproofing, metal work/hardware)
  • Washroom Facilities, Air Conditioning Systems, Finishing and Lining (washroom facilities, plumbing, water-heater, heating & air conditioning, solar systems, wall and floor sheathing and accessories, tilled floor and accessories, partition/panels/layout, ceiling, paving/marble/stone/ granite/concrete, flooring)
  • Building Material & Equipment (machines and workshop tools, technical building management, materials and site equipment, construction safety, transport)
  • Security (protection against malevolence, prevention and fire fighting, prevention and safety at work, industrial safety)
  • Services and Software (construction software, desk study, council and control, professional associations, press, banking, insurance, telecoms)
  • Decoration (equipment and outside furniture, furnishing, kitchens, chimneys, lighting, Moroccan handicraft)
  • Electrical Equipment and Integrated Systems (equipment and electrical installation, listening system, acoustics, lighting and security systems, lifting, mechanic elevators, central vacuum and ducts, integration, installation and system maintenance, refrigeration, renewable energy, sun protection)
  • Housing Promotion

Organizer - URBACOM

Fax: +212 (522) 20 75 77
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