Sweets & Bakery Ukraine 2018

Ukraine, Kyiv
11.09.2018 - 13.09.2018

The 23rd International Trade Fair of Confectionary Industry - Sweets & Bakery Ukraine 2018 will take place from the 11th to the 13th September, 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Specialized exposition of ready products:

  • chocolate, chocolate goods and candies, cocoa-containing products
  • east sweets, marsh-mallow, jellies, caramel, toffees, chewing gum
  • creams and confectionery pastes
  • floury confectioneries, including frozen
  • bakery products, including frozen
  • diabetic confectioneries
  • food concentrates: muesli, crunches, "dry breakfasts"
  • extruder goods: small loafs, snacks
  • conserve products: confiture, fruit butter, jams
  • honey and beekeeping products
  • condensed milk with sugar, stuffs and flavor additives
  • whole milk products: yoghurts, curd sweets, chocolate butter
  • ice-cream, ice-cream desserts and cakes

Specialized exposition of ingredients:

  • basis stuff: cacao, sugar, flour, milk, egg products, fats, pectine, agar-agar, gelatine, etc.
  • subsidiary stuff: talc, beeswax, starch
  • nuts, dried fruits
  • fruit stuffs, etc.
  • semis: icing, cocoa-butter, cocoa-powder, etc.
  • dyestuffs, flavorings

Specialized exposition of equipment and technologies:

  • equipment, rigging out, inventory, technologies for manufacturing and packing
  • packing materials, package
  • products warehousing, logistic and transportation
  • equipment for retail trade

Cafe patisserie salon:

  • confectionery production
  • mini-bakery
  • coffee and tea
  • tea accessories
  • coffee machines
  • equipment
  • vending machines
  • ice-cream machines
  • shop equipment
  • franchising
  • workshops on confectionery design

Concurrent event:  27th International Specialized Trade Fair of Equipment and Technologies for Food Processing Industry - Inprodmash 2018

Organizer - ACCO International

Phone: + 380 (44) 456 38 04
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