Techtextil 2019

Germany, Frankfurt
14.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

The International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens - Techtextil 2019 will take place from the 14th to the 17th May, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is held every two years. 

Exhibition profile:

  • Research, development, planning, consulting
  • Technology, processes, accessories
  • Fibres and yarns
  • Woven fabrics, laid webs, braidings, knitted fabrics
  • Nonwovens
  • Coated textiles
  • Composites
  • Bondtec (Surface and bonding techniques)
  • Functional Apparel Textiles
  • Agrotech (soil covering material for horticulture and agriculture, new textile developments for earlier harvesting, textile drainage systems, textile irrigation systems, woven fabrics and knitted fabrics for providing shade, greenhouse equipment, textiles for market gardens, forestry textiles, sealing sheets for water tanks and liquid manure tanks, flexible and rigid container systems, flexible water tanks, lifting and conveying systems, tarpaulins, temporary agricultural buildings, textiles for landscaping, fences)
  • Buildtech (textiles reinforcement for concrete and other precipitation hardening masses, lightweight construction materials, textile formwork materials, textile facade substructure systems, cold, heat or sound insulations, temporary constructions, pneumatic structures, textile roofing and roofing sheets, membranes for lightweight plane load bearing structures, exterior and interior textile noise barrier walls, sunscreen textiles, textile heating systems, textile air distribution and air conditioning systems, pipe renovation methods based on textile hoses, textiles for soil stabilization, fire protection and rescue equipment, textiles and composites for interior fittings and furnishings, textile-reinforced structural components, moldings, pipes and containers, tents and tent frames, visual protection systems)
  • Clothtech (clothing, wind and weather protection clothing, shoes)
  • Geotech (subsoil reinforcement, landscaping, earthworks and road construction, river-bank and coast reinforcement, water engineering, soil sealing, drainage systems, pipe renovation methods based on textile hoses)
  • Hometech (textiles and composites for interior fittings and furnishings, carpets, sunscreen textiles, awing material, upholstery fabrics, ceiling and wall coverings, textile-reinforced structural components and moldings, fire blocker)
  • Indutech (textile sheet products for reinforcing purposes, textile-reinforced structural components, moldings, pipes and containers, textiles for use in hot or cold media, textiles for use in corrosive media, antistatic textiles, textiles for the electronics industry and date systems technology, textile-reinforced motor parts, hoses and textile-reinforced pipes, lifting and conveying systems, rigid and flexible containers, pneumatic hollow body systems, filters / filtration, sorption systems, seals and fiber-reinforced sealing compounds, closure systems, sound-insulating products, textiles for the painting and coating sector, textile-reinforced armored materials, substrates for coating, film lamination and gumming)
  • Medtech (hygienic fleeces and dressing material, textile-reinforced prostheses, textile products for surgery, operating sheets, hospital bed linen and blankets, medical pillows, textile articles for hospital and institutional demand, doctors´ and nurses´ clothing, equipment for rescue service, textiles for medical equipment, textiles for precaution, textiles for monitoring)
  • Mobiltech (aerospace, rail vehicles, automobiles, ship building, textiles for covering plastic surfaces, textile-reinforced rubber products, sound, heat and cold insulations, passenger safety systems, airbag, tyres, interior cladding, ceiling and wall coverings, upholstery fabrics, carpets, covering materials and tarpaulin systems, intake air filter and air distribution systems, balloon envelopment material, protective covers for aircraft, water vehicles and land vehicles, equipment for security and military vehicles)
  • Oekotech (soil seals, textile drainage systems, erosion prevention textiles, textiles for protection against hazardous substances, mobile containers for temporary storage of water or contaminated liquids, textile noise barrier systems, filter systems for maintaining clean air and water, landfill textiles)
  • Packtech (packaging materials, protective cover systems for short- and long-term conservation, sacks and big bags, mobile containers for temporary storage, flexible and rigid container systems)
  • Protech (protective clothing, heat protection clothing, weatherproof and winter proof clothing, chemical protection equipment, cold store clothing and low-temperature clothing, equipment for rescue service, fire protection equipment, survival equipment, object protection, person-protection equipment, textile reinforced armoring, equipment for security services and the military, fire blocker)
  • Sporttech (textile-reinforced sports equipment, weather and wind protection, person-protection equipment, sports equipment, sportswear, sports shoes, active wear, outdoor, safety (monitoring/positioning))

Organizer - Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

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Fax: +49 69 75 75-65 41
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