TuttoFood 2023

Italy, Milano
08.05.2023 - 11.05.2023

The Milano World Food Exhibition - TuttoFood 2023 will take place from the 8th to the 11th May, 2023 in Milano, Italy.

Exhibition profile:

  • TuttoFrozen (Gelato, ready meals, pasta, bread, pizza, pastry items, seafood)
  • TuttoPasta (Fresh pasta, dry pasta, filled pasta)
  • TuttoDairy (Hard and soft cheeses, blue cheese, rich cheese, stretched cheese, pressed cheese, aged cheese, smoked cheese, fresh cheese, vegetable cream spreads, butter, milk, cream, ricotta, yogurt)
  • TuttoBakery (Bread, pizza, ready-made bases, snacks)
  • TuttoMeat (Meat, cured meats, game, offal, entrails, ready-made dishes)
  • TuttoGreen (Macrobiotic products, herbal products, vegan products, organic products)
  • TuttoSweet (Biscuits, candies, sugared almonds, nougat, chocolate, cream spreads, desserts, sweeteners, decorations for the confectionary industry, honey)
  • TuttoDeli (Delicatessen, freeze-dried ready-made meals, sauces and condiments, typical regional products)
  • TuttoSeafood (Smoked fish, dried fish, tinned fish, fresh fish, processed and packaged fish)
  • TuttoGrocery (Flour, broth and soups, preserves, marinated food items, pickled food items, dried fruit, mushrooms, truffles, marmalades, mostarda, rice, grains, legumes, spices, aromas, eggs and related products)
  • TuttoDrink (Mineral water, beer, coffee and the like, energy drinks, functional beverages, food & beverage for outside the home, wine, liquor and spirits)
  • TuttoOil (Oil, vegetable fats)
  • TuttoWine
  • TuttoDigital
  • TuttoKosher
  • TuttoHalal

Organizer - Fiera Milano SpA

Phone: +39 (02) 49 97 68 22
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