Zdravokhraneniye 2019

Russia, Moscow
02.12.2019 - 06.12.2019

The 29th International Medical Engineering, Product and Consumables Exhibition - Zdravokhraneniye 2019 will take place from the 2nd to the 6th December, 2019 in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Exhibition profile:

  • Functional diagnostics (equipment for monitoring the function of the cardiovascular system, EEG monitoring systems, neurophysiological equipment, devices for external respiration study, pulmonary monitoring system, diagnostic devices and devices for auscultation, percussion, anthropometry, instruments for gastrointestinal function assessment, devices for daily monitoring of gastrointestinal motility, other diagnostic devices)
  • Visualization diagnostics (X-Ray machines, CT, PET, mammographs, fluorographs, MRI, ultrasound scanners and diagnostic systems, devices for radioisotope diagnostics, dosimetric devices, devices for thermography, auxiliary equipment)
  • IVD (laboratory equipment, reagents and laboratory diagnostic tools)
  • Endoscopy (rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes, endoscopic complexes and systems, equipment for laparoscopy, tools and accessories for endoscopy)
  • Blood service (blood clotting laboratory, transfusion equipment and accessories, blood quarantine, shock freezing of plasma, equipment for procurement and storage of donor blood and its components, equipment for hemosorption, hemodialysis and plasmapheresis, blood banks equipment, expendable materials)
  • Emergency and disaster medicine (vehicles, including transport aircraft, rescue equipment, mobile points of primary (emergency) medical care, emergency medical care means)
  • Intensive care and resuscitation (devices for artificial ventilation, patient monitors, heart-lung machine, defibrillators, anesthesia and respiratory devices, equipment for long-term injections of blood and solutions, sets of resuscitation equipment, enteral feeding devices, supplies and accessories for resuscitation and emergency care)
  • Surgery (surgical equipment, surgical instruments, apparatus and materials for cardiovascular surgery, suture material)
  • Orthopedics and traumatology (orthopedic equipment, implants, external prostheses and organ replacement devices, orthoses)
  • Gynecology and neonatology (gynecological tools, diagnostic equipment for gynecology, furniture for gynecology and obstetrics, fetal monitors, incubators and resuscitation open system, baby scales and height meters, phototherapy systems, neonatal screening equipment and materials)
  • Urology (equipment for urological diagnostics, lithotripters, urological tools)
  • Ophthalmology (devices and apparatus for ophthalmology, additional equipment and accessories for ophthalmology, tools for ophthalmology, glasses)
  • Dentistry (dental equipment and instruments, systems and tools for dental implantation, dental tools, materials and tools for bone grafting and maxillofacial surgery, materials for tooth restoration, dental x-ray diagnostic equipment, dental laser, oral hygiene products, means and tools for dental anaesthesiology, disposable dental materials, furniture for dentistry)
  • General hospital equipment (medical furniture, lighting products, devices for transportation (movement) of patients, equipment and materials, clothes and underwear for patients and staff's, laundry equipment, catering equipment, recycling systems, equipment for pathoanatomic departments, other general hospital equipment)
  • Sterilization and disinfection (equipment and supplies for fighting against nosocomial infection, disinfection equipment, sterilization equipment, sterilization control devices, chemical disinfection and sterilization, cleaning products and detergents)
  • Disposable products and expendable material (dressings products, consumables for medical devices, tools and accessories for injection and blood collection, stoma care devices, hygiene products)
  • Industry media and publishing (medical literature, educational appliances, specialized magazines)
  • Medical industry services (reports and analyses, further education and training, insurance services, professional institutions and associations, logistic services, technical equipment management, test houses / certification bodies, stuff recruitment, medical translations, healthcare leasing, design, production, installation, validation of clean operating and resuscitation, design and equipment of medical institutions on a turnkey basis, medical engineering)
  • Information and communication technology (archiving and documentation, it infrastructure / computer hardware / mHealth, eHealth, telemedicine / telemetry, administrative information systems / software, medical information systems / software, communication systems, medical portals)

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