EXPO 2020

The Republic of Belarus will take part in the World Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021.

What are Expo exhibitions?

The EXPO exhibition has been held since 1851 and is the most significant international event in the exhibition business. EXPO World Exhibitions are held every five years, EXPO International Exhibitions are held every three years. The country and location are traditionally chosen by the International Exhibition Bureau (BIE) by means of voting.

Interesting fact

The Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous architectural monuments of our time, was constructed specifically for the World Expo Paris 1889.

EXPO: Belarusian experience

Belarus already has a successful experience of participating in international and global EXPO exhibitions. For the first time, the Republic of Belarus took part in the 1998 World Exhibition in Lisbon (Portugal), then, in 2000, in Hannover (Germany). National pavilions were presented in 2010 in Shanghai (China), in 2015 — in Milan (Italy) and in 2017 — in Astana (Kazakhstan).

Interesting Facts

The National Pavilion of Belarus was first presented at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai (China). Specifically for this event, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus issued a silver commemorative coin «EXPO 2010» with a value of 20 rubles, a weight of 33.62 g, in edition of 5000 pieces.

At the World Exhibition EXPO 2015 in Milan, the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus presented the project «The Circle of Life» and became one of the most visited.

At the International Exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan), Belarus presented more than 50 innovative inventions, as well as its latest development — the city electric bus. Pavilion entered the top 15 presented at the exhibition

Belarus and Expo 2020

The Republic of Belarus became the first country to reserve a place for the construction of a national pavilion and signed an agreement on participation in the World Expo 2020 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The main theme of the exhibition — «By uniting minds, creating the future» — will be a tool to promote the idea of multilateral progress and sustainable development.

Organizers expect that the exhibition will be visited by about 30 million people.

Currently, the implementation of the project has already begun. An action plan for 2018 — 2021 has been developed and approved.

By the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of December 6, 2017 No. 930, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was determined as the organizer, the National Center for Marketing and Price Study as the operator of the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at Expo 2020.

A competition for the development of a national exposition concept took place, the winner was the CETIS branding agency (Moscow, Russia).

The interface of the site Expo2020.by has been developed with the countdown to the event. The resource will be the main news source of the Belarusian project.

A competition for the selection of an engineering company has been held. In accordance with the schedule, in September, the project of the national pavilion will be approved and work on its construction will begin.

The concept of the Belarusian exposition EXPO 2020

The Belarusian concept of the three «I» — Innovation. Investments. Individual» — will allow to convey to visitors the idea that the elements of progress and sustainable development are projected onto a person, they are closely interconnected and will not give the proper result if we consider them separately.

The Belarusian pavilion will be conditionally divided into three zones, each of which will present thematic sections of the exhibition. In the «Innovations» zone, the latest developments in the field of science and technology will be demonstrated. Success stories and potential investment projects will be presented in the «Investments» area. In the «Individual» zone it will be possible to find out about the people who contributed to the progress and development of Belarus, as well as get acquainted with the country's historical and cultural heritage and plans for the future.

How will Belarus be represented at EXPO 2020?

Participation in a global project is not only a great opportunity to demonstrate the achievements and potential of a country. Belarus considers the international exhibition as a good platform for the development of bilateral relations not only with the organizing country, but also with other participating countries.

Our neighbors at EXPO 2020 will be such grandees of the global exhibition industry as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Spain. Such neighborhood is a big responsibility, and Belarus should present itself no worse than these countries.

What brands should represent Belarus? What exhibits should be displayed in the national pavilion? 

The National Center for Marketing is ready to discuss these issues with both state-owned enterprises and the private sector of the economy. Of great importance is the opinion of not only the expert group, but also the entire Belarusian community. It is important for us to learn from our citizens what they would like to see in the Belarusian pavilion, what ideas and technical solutions they could offer, so that Belarus can fully demonstrate its potential and reveal its identity.

We are open for cooperation with everyone who would like to contribute to the preparation of the Belarusian exposition at Expo 2020 to make it as attractive and effective as possible.

The National Center for Marketing expects interesting proposals on the design and filling of the Belarusian exposition and the formation of the participation program!

For more information, please contact Svetlana Sergeevna Zhilyak, head of the exhibition department of the National Center for Marketing, tel.: +375 17 222 33 8.