Export of Belarus

The advertising-information catalogue is intended for presentation of Belarusian organizations export potential and the Republic of Belarus as a whole in foreign markets.

Placing of information in the catalogue «Export of Belarus» is a simple and sustainable way of communicating information about companies, their goods and services to the target customers all over the world with maximum efficiency.


Printed version

It is published since 2016.

The materials are organized according to branch or sector of industry.

Each edition of the catalogue is timed for participation of Belarus in major economic events abroad (exhibitions, forums, etc.).

The edition is distributed at exhibitions and business forums abroad and through diplomatic missions of the Republic of Belarus. The information of the edition (in PDF) is presented on the Internet recourses of the partners of the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study.  

The catalogue is published mainly in the language of the country of distribution (in other cases – in English or Russian).

The edition can boast relevance and completeness of the information provided, modern design, high printing quality.

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Electronic version of «Export of Belarus» is a permanent catalogue that is placed on the page of the information export support web-site Export.by.

The catalogue has a clear structure. Advertising-information materials of customers are organized according to branch or sector of industry and are placed in alphabetical order.



For issues of placing advertising and information material in printed or electronic versions of the catalogue «Export of Belarus» please contact Svetlana Nasennik, tel. +375 17 203 67 98, mob. +375 44 566 00 14, e-mail: reklama@icetrade.by.

Please send all the materials to  e-mail: design@icetrade.by.



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