Government export support

Belarus has established the necessary legal and institutional framework of the export support system. The analogues of foreign institutions of exporter’s support have been operate: Belarusian Republican Unitary Enterprise of Export-Import Insurance «Eximgarant of Belarus», OJSC «Promagroleasing», Information Republican Unitary Enterprise «National Centre for Marketing and Price Conjuncture», Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, intergovernmental commissions (committees, councils), the councils of business co-operation with foreign countries.

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No.534 of August 25, 2006 «On the promotion of exports of goods (works, services)» is fundamental in the sphere of export crediting and export risks insurance.

The application of the mechanism of the Decree No.534 is extended to factoring operations. Banks and nonbank financial institutions (factors) are able to finance exporting residents of the Republic of Belarus under cession conditions with determined discount.

Within implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No.466 of September 24, 2009 «On some arrangements for sales of goods, produced in the Republic of Belarus», a stimulation mechanism of Russian consumers of Belarusian products continues to be implemented, involving resources and client base of foreign banks.

For the purpose of «complex information and marketing support of foreign-economic activities of Belarusian companies and organizations» IRUE «National Centre for Marketing and Price Conjuncture» enshures the representation of Belarus export potential in the Internet and in international information and trade networks. Thus the Portal was created to become a complex virtual exhibition of Belarussian managing subjects. 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus has been working on the National export support and development programme for 2016 — 2020. Those willing to share ideas and proposals on concepts of export stimulation within new programming document are invited to express their opinion on e-mail:

Since 2004 republican authorities carry out purposeful work on formation and development of a Commodity distribution network (CDN) of the subordinated organizations abroad, and also to increase of its efficiency. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs carries on the function of co-ordination of CDN development since July 1, 2-13. It renders assistance to the Belarusian enterprises and the organizations in this work through system of foreign institutions of Republic of Belarus. 

The latest changes in the regulation of the issue were approved by the decision of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No.1137 of December 24, 2013.  



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus