№ 12/2018. Market Conditions. RSA, Angola, Mozambique

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In 2017, South Africa's GDP amounted to $349.4 billion, GDP growth compared with the previous year was fixed at 1.3%. Angola’s GDP was $124.2 billion, with a growth of 0.7%. The volume of GDP of Mozambique amounted to $12.3 billion, GDP growth compared to 2016 was at the level of 3.7%.


General information about the countries, their economies, natural conditions and resources, population, transport and foreign economic relations.




At the end of 2017, the total volume of imports of the three African countries amounted to 100.71 billion US dollars (0.56% of world imports). Throughout 2013 — 2017 these countries reduced the total volume of imported products — the growth rate was minus 28.2%. At the same time, in 2017 compared to 2016, the volume of imports increased by 10.9% in terms of value. 


Market overview of South Africa, Angola and Mozambique: the main positions of imports, the geography of supplies and the average cost of products, promising directions for the development of trade relations of Belarus with these countries.




«Our success in the development of agriculture and industry are of interest in a number of African countries. Today, the most promising are deliveries of Belarusian agricultural, road-building and mining equipment to the region. In the future, the range of Belarusian exports may be expanded through the sale of spare parts, components and related equipment, including mounted units».


Alexander Sidoruk, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of South Africa — on the current trade situation between Belarus and the countries of South Africa, mechanisms of financial support for Belarusian exports, and on the specifics of dealing with local entrepreneurs.




«There is no race discrimination in Belarus, and therefore Africans are always glad to work with Belarusians. In turn, the high quality of Belarusian products allows your companies to be competitive on the market».


James Ndambo, Founder and Chairman of the investment company Africa Union Holdings — on the achievements of Belarusian companies in African markets and prospects for further cooperation.




«Given the remoteness of the market, differences in mentality and other peculiarities in South Africa, the fastest way to market a product or service is to establish a partnership with local companies that have been working in this segment for some time and have a regular customer base».


Representatives of Belarusian enterprises — about the features of dealing on the market of South Africa.




Due to its multicultural diversity, the Republic of South Africa is known as a country where representatives of the «rainbow nation» live. South Africa is one of the world leaders on the stock market — here is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange located. The country officially recognizes 11 languages, most of which are of local origin. English is dominant in use for business communications.


About the peculiarities of doing business in South Africa in the material prepared by Arzinger law office.




In the face of fierce competition, manufacturers pay attention to both the quality of the manufactured product and its appearance. Today, packaging is not only a box containing a particular product, but also an important tool in the fight for the consumer.


About the main trends in the packaging industry — based on the seminar «The packaging market in the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Belarus, the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union: opportunities for cooperation».




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