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According to preliminary data, in the first quarter of 2017, Kazakhstan’s GDP grew by 3.4% compared to the same period last year. Thus, the growth of the national economy in January — March 2017 returned to the pre-crisis level of 2014 (Jan-March). Today, the Third Modernization is being carried out in Kazakhstan — a new model of economic growth is being created, which should ensure the global competitiveness of the country. In priority is accelerated technological modernization of the economy; fundamental improvement and expansion of the business environment; macroeconomic stability; improving the quality of human capital; institutional transformation, security and the fight against corruption.

About Kazakhstan, its state structure, industry, agriculture, economic development read the introductory article.

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According to the statistics committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the country's GDP in 2016 increased by 1% compared to 2015 and amounted to $220.69 billion this is 1.14% of the world economy. At the end of 2016, Kazakhstan ranked 67th in the list of the world's largest importers in terms of value, its share was 0.2% of the world import.

The top 25 imported goods of Kazakhstan, the main importing countries, the geography of imports and the cost of products, the structure of Belarus' exports to Kazakhstan are in a research prepared by the marketing information department of the National Center for Marketing and Price Study.

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In 2016, Kazakhstan imported medicines for $695301 thousand, which is the largest share in the total import of the country 2.76%. The drug market in Kazakhstan is promising for expanding Belarusian exports.

On the prospects of the markets of medicines in Kazakhstan for Belarusian suppliers — in a review prepared by the marketing information department of the National Center for Marketing and Price Study.

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«The results of the first quarter of this year inspire for a further increase in turnover. So as, for January - March, it amounted to $129 million and increased by 77% compared to the same period last year. Today, in Kazakhstan, 12 lines for assembling various Belarusian machinery, such as the Minsk Tractor Plant, the Minsk Motor Plant, the Mogilevliftmash, the Minsk Automobile Plant, etc., are successfully operating. There is considerable potential for developing trade and economic cooperation at the interregional level».

On the state and prospects of bilateral cooperation — in an interview with Yergali BULEGENOV, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Belarus.

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«In Kazakhstan, Belarusian products are known, valued and willingly purchased. Including the products of such new brands as «Santa Bremor», «Marco», «MarK Formel», «Conte», «ZOV», and many others. The Belarusian products here are a priori considered to be of high quality».

Anatoly NICHKASOV, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Kazakhstan tells about the Belarusian products in demand on the market of Kazakhstan, about industrial cooperation and the impact of interregional relations on the development of bilateral relations.

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«In general, the prospects for cooperation with Kazakhstan can be assessed as sustainably positive. This is facilitated by the comfortable conditions of logistics within the EAEU, the implementation of a number of long-term investment projects that stimulate economic growth, as well as the presence of one of the lightest tax systems in the world».

Experts of OJSC Keramin and OJSC Stroydetali tell how to organize effective work on the market of Kazakhstan.

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The authorities of Kazakhstan traditionally pay increased attention to the development of entrepreneurship in the country. Attracting foreign direct investment is one of the strategic goals of state development.

On the peculiarities of legal regulation in Kazakhstan, forms of establishing companies, working conditions for foreign investors, labor laws, taxation, the judicial system — in a material prepared by the GRATA International law firm with the support of Arzinger Law Office.

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The National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the 53rd International Multidisciplinary Exhibition FACIM-2017, the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the III Eastern Economic Forum, the exposition at the International Exhibition of Materials and Industrial Production Technologies Tech Industry-2017, visits of monitoring groups to Norway and Morocco.

The National Center for Marketing and Price Study invites Belarusian enterprises to participate in major international business events and offers support in resolving issues related to export development.

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