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Poland's economy is the sixth in the EU. The country is considered convenient for doing business and competently leading macroeconomic policies. The main sectors of the Polish economy are services (64.3% of GDP) and industry (31.2% of GDP). According to the results of Jan-May 2017, the volume of the Belarusian-Polish trade turnover amounted to $959.8 million against $873.2 million in the same period 2016 (the growth rate was 109.9%).


General information about Poland, its climate and natural resources, state structure, economy.





Today, the Polish economy is one of the fastest growing in the European Union. Thus, the forecast for the growth of the country's GDP for the current year is 4.7%. According to the Main Statistical Office, in the first half of the year, Poland’s GDP increased by 4% compared to the same period last year.


Market overview: the main positions of imports in Poland, the geography of supplies, an overview of Belarus' exports to Poland. 





Poland ranks 3rd in the list of glass importers. In 2016, 501 thousand tons of this product was imported to Poland to the amount of $210.7 million (3.8% of world imports). Exports at the relevant position amounted to $113.3 million (237 thousand tons), placing the country to the 12th place among exporters (2.3% of world exports).


Overview of the Polish glass market and export prospects for glass products for Belarusian manufacturers. 





«The main products exported from Belarus to the Polish market are mineral and chemical products (potassium salts and diesel fuel), as well as the woodworking industry goods. Products of the metallurgical industry, engineering, food products are also supplied. Belarus has quality proposals in other industries: leather, wicker and glass, as well as linen. With proper and active promotion, these products can take a worthy place on the shelves of Polish stores».


Konrad Pavlik, Polish Ambassador to Belarus — about prospects for bilateral cooperation and about Belarusian goods that may be in demand on the Polish market.





«Today we can state with full confidence that both Belarus and Poland see each other as reliable business partners. And if earlier Poland considered Belarus mainly as a supplier of raw materials, today more and more Belarusian goods with high added value appear in our export structure».


Alexander Averyanov, Ambassador of Belarus to Poland — on the development trends of bilateral relations, the results of economic activities, cooperation in the field of tourism. 





Poland, due to geographical proximity, always remains for Belarus one of the main trading partners in the European Union. In terms of Belarusian exports, Poland is in third place after Russia and Ukraine. However, there are a number of limitations that hinder a more dynamic development of bilateral trade and economic cooperation.


What needs to be done to intensify the development of bilateral trade and economic cooperation. 





«Polish businessmen expect their partners to strictly carry out all logistics operations starting from receiving an order to delivering products to a customer. For them, efficiency is important in everything: respecting delivery dates, responding to inquiries, responding to comments, if there are any».


Belarusian companies Polotsk-Steklovolokno OJSC, Lidskoe Beer OJSC, Lidapischekontsentraty OJSC about experience on the Polish market. 





On the principles of doing business in Poland and related tax and legal issues, including the employment of foreigners — in the material prepared by the «FGP Legal» Legal Office (Poland) with the participation of the «Arzinger» Law Office (Belarus). 







Exposition at the international exhibition Tech Industry-2017, business forums, country seminars in the online video conference.



The National Center for Marketing and Price Study invites Belarusian enterprises to participate in major international business events and offers support in resolving issues related to export development. 




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