Marketing services

The National Center for Marketing and Price Study of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus is one of the leading advisory companies of the country rendering comprehensive informational-marketing support and assistance for the development of Belarus’ enterprises.

We offer you cooperation on the following basic trends

  • study of the market situation with provision of data on the market capacity, price level, basic development trends;
  • study of products/services consumer market with provision of data on consumption, consumer preferences, consumers’ focus groups, and also motives of consumer behaviour (using questionnaire survey);
  • competitive analysis (determination of the list of major industrial manufacturers and suppliers of similar products on a discovered country’s market, description of technical features and wholesale/retail prices level analysis);
  • search for the enterprises, manufacturing and supplying products and services on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and foreign states, description of their product range and prices;
  • search for business partners and clients (provision of address and other contact information, companies’ activity description, the list of products manufactured, and also other information providing presentation of a company’s possibilities);
  • retail audit — provision of data on a product range, presented in retail trade and its price level, TOP-5 (TOP-10) of the leading brands;
  • analysis of statistical data on the world trade, foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus and other states presented in a form of a study of imports/exports in terms of value and in physical terms;
  • assessment of the activity of sales and consumer services using the technique of Mystery Shopping — anonymous quality evaluation of a company’s customer service, personnel operation, monitoring of merchandising standards compliance etc;
  • testing of a brand with determination of its recognizability and attitude towards the brand, awareness of products, associations with the brand (focus groups, depth interview, polls);
  • international marketing — arrangements to study trade-sales activity of an enterprise;
  • development of the recommendation to encourage sales on the Belarusian and foreign markets, improve competitiveness of a client’s products, and master production programme, merchandising and marketing policy.

In order to perform marketing surveys we have:

  • a chain of affiliates in all main centers of business activity in the Republic of Belarus;
  • informational and resource potential to explore both foreign and domestic markets;
  • business contacts with Belarusian and foreign state managerial establishments and specialized companies.

We are ready to answer all your questions by phone +375 17 203 58 10, +375 17 203 40 36 and also by e-mail: