Belarusian Blakit joins Uzbek cotton manufacturing cluster

14.09.2018 14:10 / Belarus / Uzbekistan

MINSK – The Belarusian cotton yarn manufacturer Blakit based in Baranovichi, Brest Oblast has become part of an Uzbek cluster of cotton manufacturers, BelTA learned from Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusy on 14 September.

The official said: “We are going to cultivate cotton here, process and take away the materials in order to make the yarn and threads our company needs. It will be cheaper and wiser. It has already been decided.”

The deputy prime minister underlined that during the official visit of the Belarus president to Uzbekistan the sides had managed to reach many good agreements across the board. Mikhail Rusy noted that the two countries are now going to accomplish everything they have not managed to do in the first 20 years of relations.

On 14 September top Belarusian and Uzbek government officials and heads of companies continued negotiations to wrap up the remaining issues and decide who would be responsible for what, what raw materials would be used, and how the existing projects should be developed. In particular, the delivery of Belarusian medical equipment, electric buses was mentioned as well as the establishment of new mechanical engineering enterprises. The preliminary agreement to that effect was reached as Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev opened the Made in Belarus expo featuring Belarusian products in Tashkent the day before.

“They have agreed that [the Belarusian tractor maker] MTZ will set up an assembly enterprise most likely in Kara-Kalpak. But the possibility of using an agricultural machinery factory in Tashkent is still under consideration. As many as 1,000 tractors will be made initially,” noted Mikhail Rusy.

This work will be overseen by the presidents, including during visits.

Source: BelTA

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