Belarus and Colombia plan to create trade association to strengthen economic contacts

30.06.2020 09:04 / Belarus / Colombia

MINSK - The Belarusian-Colombian Trade Association is planned to be created to strengthen economic contacts. This was announced today by the Ambassador of Belarus in Ecuador and part-time in Colombia, Nicaragua and Panama, Nikolai Ovsyanko, during the opening of the international online course, BelTA has learned.

“To strengthen economic contacts, it is planned to create a joint Belarusian-Colombian trade association,” the diplomat informed. He noted that the economies of Belarus and Colombia are complementary - what Belarus produces is not produced in Colombia, and vice versa. "Therefore, we have very good prospects for the development of cooperation," said Nikolai Ovsyanko.

Relations with Colombia are developing step by step, work is underway to attract the attention of Colombian companies. “In general, my feelings from interacting with Colombian colleagues and entrepreneurs are as follows - now Colombia’s interest in Belarus is very large. And our task is not to lose this interest and actively develop it. Including for these purposes, as soon as possible, we will facilitate the organization of the trip of Colombian entrepreneurs to Belarus to meet with potentially interested Belarusian manufacturers," the ambassador said. "There is mutual interest, which is very important. "

“We see good prospects in expanding cooperation in instrumentation, the oil and chemical industries, pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics. For Belarus, Colombia is the door to Latin America, in particular to the Pacific Alliance,” said Nikolai Ovsyanko. He expressed gratitude for the assistance of Bogotá in obtaining Belarus observer status in this association and noted that in order to develop contacts, it was decided to create an embassy of Belarus in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.

“We see good prospects for our companies that produce automotive equipment, the oil and chemical industries,” the diplomat emphasized and added that Belarus can provide good conditions under the Belt and Way initiative. “Moreover, Belarus is also a door for consumers of the EAEU large market,” he said.

Nikolay Ovsyanko said that the two countries are interested in holding consultations of foreign affairs agencies in the near future. In addition, as the situation permits, Colombians plan to introduce Belarusian culture, in particular, Belarusian films.

Source: BELTA

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